Crossword Fabric

As promised, here's the crossword fabric available at Spoonflower:

crossword fabric

A few notes:

— the blacks (and other dark colors) tend to wash out & fade really quickly on digitally printed fabric. I don't know how to fix this — anyone have hints for keeping them dark?

— this design is optimized for the upholstery-weight fabric. I haven't tested it on other weights. (That fabric is slightly off-white, too.)

— this fabric was designed for me by Beth Keller. She's awesome. You can check out her Etsy site, KellerDesigning. I don't know if she's taking commissions now, but you could always ask …


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9 thoughts on “Crossword Fabric

  1. Thats been my big fear with digitally printed fabric and one of the reasons why Ive resisted it to date (that and the price…). Love the pattern though!


  2. A vinegar rinse is useless on cellulose farbics, get some Retayne, it is an anti bleeding rinse. Quilt shops often carry it and you can get it on-line from Dharma Trading Co.


  3. Wheres the answer key? ;-)For that matter, wheres the puzzle questions? (You can tell I dont do crosswords: I cant even think of the right words for the, um, clues!)That does look like fun fabric though.


  4. Surely thats all spam? I was going to ask about the vinegar rinse (white vinegar, cold rinse) wot we were all told to do to our Levis 501s in the days when we didnt want them to fade.Ive also heard things about alum, but Im not sure what.[I always remember they told us to put our nylon tights in the freezer overnight and they wouldnt run…why didnt the manufacturers do that? Of course they wanted us to buy more?]What can a vinegar rinse is useless on cellulose fabrics mean?I havent looked at Spoonflower today, but when I did look, it was cotton. So are Levis. (And the Levis trick WORKED – I worked at a shop selling them for years, and many happy clients from both sides of the want fading and want new-look attest it works.?


  5. Dye/Ink fastness is all about chemistry, and the printer should know how their ink will perform. First step is to find out the ink type or brand and go from there. It might also need to be heat set. I am guessing they are using an ink better suited to 100% poly, and second the vote for running this problem by Dharma–Queen of all things dying related.


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