Yay Wiki! Go Wiki!

Did you all know that the Vintage Pattern Wiki is up to nearly THIRTY THOUSAND patterns? Holy Moly. (We only have about 700 to go. If everyone who reads this post in the first hour that it's up goes and adds a pattern, we'd be there and past there!)

This is one of my recent favorites:


Lovely, isn't it? You can find the full wiki page here.

Many, many thanks to all those who have uploaded pattern images, tagged patterns, left extra information and generally made this a fantastic resource for lovers of vintage patterns. You are awesome. 

17 thoughts on “Yay Wiki! Go Wiki!

  1. I can’t understand why Advance isn’t still around–their patterns are so fabulous! If only I had a working scanner I could add my lovely Advance specimens.


  2. Hey! That’s my pattern! I will be sure to tell her she got a shout out on Dress a Day… she will be honored.

    To Dulcet: Before I got my scanner, I just used my digital camera. I’d put the pattern on my floor and stood over it to photograph, and then cropped it on my computer. Just a thought.


  3. I just added one!

    @dulcet – I don’t have a scanner either. I use my digital camera to take a photo of the envelope. I’m a terrible photographer, but I’ve found that if I use the flash, extend the zoom all the way, and hold the camera high above the envelope on a table, I can get a photo with enough light and enough clarity to be useful. I also crop and do an suto-correct in Picasa to tidy it up a little.


  4. I added as many as I could before I had to get my work day started. Looks like a lot of people have been pitching in today — there’s less than 200 to go now! Hmm, maybe I’ll add a few more real quick if I can squeak it in…


  5. Neat dress. For a long time, I was seeing patterns made up in white. Now it’s clingly scarlet.

    That dress would look very enticing in RED!


  6. The Wiki wouldn’t be much if it wasn’t for the endless work by folks like Tarna and Petie Main. I’m sure there are others, but man-o-man those gals do tons.
    Thanks Ladies!


  7. Thanks for the post because I had no idea about the wiki…I am in search of a vintage hat pattern… I have a copy of a scan I found like two years ago, but I have no clue what company or pattern number it is…how can I post it so others can help me identify it?




  8. That dress is beautiful! Love the bodice and waist.

    BTW, haven’t been here in a while (family things), but the new design looks fantastic.


  9. I looked at the wiki, but didn’t understand how to use it. I collect vintage patterns too. Do you upload just an image of the front or do you upload the whole pattern for the taking?


  10. It’s just the image of the front — and occasionally the back, if people are really motivated. It’s too difficult to upload the whole pattern (on both the upload and download side).

    Hope this helps!


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