Not Really Buttoned-Up

Commenter Lynne sent me the link to this dress from Posh Girl Vintage, which combines two of my favorite things: buttons and polka dots.


It's pique, too, so I guess that makes it three of my favorite things. Oh, wait — piping — that's four. If only it had pockets … 

It's a little small (maybe a modern 6?) but it's so adorable. (Click the image above to visit the Posh Girl listing.) 

11 thoughts on “Not Really Buttoned-Up

  1. …and it’s a Maxi length! just about makes this a home run.
    Actually, if it’s not a Lanz, it sure has all the bells and whistles, including bow in back (sigh).


  2. A button dress! What a delight. I’ve got a button print summer frock that I am now inspired to dig out and wear. But mine’s not nearly as pert and cheery as this one. Oh, those luscious details.


  3. I’m in love with this dress. The only thing that would make it better for my figure is a smooth (non-gathered) waist and a gored skirt, but it’s just lovely as is, too! I like how realistic the buttons look. It’s really dynamite.


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