Future Heidis

These two have been languishing on the sewing machine table for weeks — I just have to hem them and sew down the bias-tape facings, but man, getting the time to do that … hasn't happened. 

But aren't they nice? I can't wait to wear the blue one. Maybe by the time you read this I will have managed to get it done!


8 thoughts on “Future Heidis

  1. Such pretty fabrics! Can’t wait to see these Heidis completed! Every one you’ve done is just more motivation and inspiration for me to actually start working on my planned Heidis. Time…..


  2. We still need to see you wearing some/all of those Heidis!

    Maybe you could put up one of those flash graphics like they have on the Victoria’s Secret website, where it’s you wearing a Heidi and you can click a color/print swatch to change the fabric in the picture.

    I’ve put up too much thought into this, haven’t I.


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