Can't Hardly Wait

I have some of this fabric coming my way:


I'm sure you can see (ha!) why I'm really looking (ha!) forward to it. 

If you want some, too, it's all over Etsy. I grabbed this image from Kallistiquilts

I haven't sewn with Echino before — anything I should watch out for? Not quite sure what this will be yet, either. 

17 thoughts on “Can't Hardly Wait

  1. I saw that fabric a while ago (quilt market in May, I think all over blogland) and I did think you’d like it. Fab colour of green too!

    Given it’s the heavier weight (linen blend?) cotton, I’d say a skirt.

    You will look (!) fab in it!

    Do you have those glasses in your collection?



  2. I really had a pair of white nerd glasses like these when I was nursing school back in the 80’s!

    (er… maybe I shouldn’t be so proud of that fact….)


  3. I love the decorator weight Echino! I’ve made nice pleated skirts with wide waistbands and I think it sews up nicely. It’s a bit heavy for a top or full dress, though.


  4. My wonderful friend Patricia sent me to you, as I have I Great Appreciation for Craft ~_^

    I’m checking out some of your fabrics and assuming you have good resources for fabric in general: I was in Mexico this winter and saw a lot of great stuff I’d like to find here, if you can advise or direct!

    Day of the Dead skeletons, large roses, skulls, the Virgin of Guadalupe, hot peppers, Frida Khalo, sacred hearts, sombreros, avocadoes, dancing girls…


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