A Cape? Why not?


I kind of miss the days (not that I ever lived in them) where it was just NORMAL for a dress to have a matching coat. Or cape, as seen here. Where you would think "Oh, sure, I'll just wear my lavender dress-cape-purple styrofoam packing peanut-hat combo! I wonder if my incredibly long white gloves are clean?" 

Although, really, if you're going to match your hat, dress, and CAPE, wouldn't you go find some smoky lavender suede pumps, as well? It'd be worth the effort.

My favorite here though is the red dress — I love that neckline/midriff band combo. Such a sleek and oddly modern dress! It would be the world's best evening gown, slightly lengthened and in silver lamé, wouldn't it? It's so elegant, but you could throw a cardigan right over it (okay, not the silver lamé version) and go anywhere.

If it were one size bigger (it's a B34, anyone have it in a B36?), I would be buying this beauty … But as luck would have it, it's on sale at MOMSPatterns and for a good cause, too! Jen's very best friend in the world is visiting from England for a month, and she is a recent breast cancer survivor.. so in her honor, Jen is offering a 20% off sale with which 5% of the proceeds will be donated to Breast Cancer Research. The sale lasts until midnight EDT Sunday, August 1, 2010 — use coupon code 'sherri' to receive your discount.


12 thoughts on “A Cape? Why not?

  1. These ladies look like they’re in some movie musical–singing together while trying to look like it’s not anything out of the ordinary. The director has instructed them to mill about in each other’s general vicinity, but don’t look at each other under any circumstance.


  2. I was a cape wearing child. My family would fly stand-by (My father was an airline pilot) and stand-bys in those days were expected to dress very well (to fit in with “real” passengers!) and my mother took this very seriously.

    My sister and I wore floral pique a-line dresses, I had red patent Mary Janes, my sister had white ones, we had berets, white gloves, and capes. My mother made all our clothes. I even had a matching “Martha Washington” cap.

    My sister set hers down at the Dallas airport and it was instantly stolen. My mother was *furious* at my sister.


  3. 1968…Mom made me a “mod” flowered dress and a beautiful little apple green cape that was lined and fastened with a silver chain. I wore Mary Janes and short white gloves with it. Oh my, it was elegant.


  4. I had a cape that I wore everywhere when I was in highschool. It was chocolate brown with a hood. It was 1075 so noone else had one.

    I think I will make one to match my dress.

    I agree with you on the red dress!


  5. I do love a cape. So theatrical. I once made one in navy (something synthetic) lined in orange, and owned another in purple wool lined with forest green. Sigh.

    The red dress: I love the bodice treatment but that chokey collar makes me want to claw at my throat. I’d have to fiddle the neckline somehow. Maybe a keyhole in the front with a tie for closing.


  6. I have been making things more matchy matchy lately, but not this extreme.

    I like to make headbands or neckerchiefs that match my skirt- or change up the sleeves of a blouse and the collar to match the skirt.


  7. Honey, you read my mind. I just purchased a full-length cape pattern on Etsy, and am SO excited to be bringing the drama. Now if only I could get entrance music for every room I walk into. Hmmm.

    Matching shoes? Why, of course! And yes, the midriff on the red dress is killing me too. Love the gathered neckline. [deep sigh]


  8. I had a purchased grey wool dress with a camel cape with matching grey trim that I wore a lot in the early 1970’s. I do remember that my arms would get cold, even with the long gloves.


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