In A World …


I want to see the movie that this still/pattern image was taken from. Three college friends go to a dinner party thrown by some creepy old dude in a creepy old mansion on the edge of town (on a dare, of course, because in the movies just saying "I dare you!" makes people do all kinds of dumb things). Inevitably, they get separated and have to deal with scary stuff jumping out at them from dark corners. (Anything with that weird chandelier/sconce/creepy mirror in it has to be a horror movie, right?)

In the end, the blonde one dies (she's a bit of a ditz, and the ditz always gets it), the yellow-dress escapes (she looks too sensible to do anything but escape), and the one in the black dress, vacant-eyed, stays with the creepy old dude in the creepy old house (despite the tearful protests of Yellow Dress). Flash forward twenty-five years, and it's a group of male college friends going to a dinner party thrown by creepy old lady … dum dum dum dum … STILL wearing that beehive hairdo and the same Dior dress!

I'm assuming the weird necklace exerts a certain level of mind control. It's the only explanation for it. Bonus points if it's a scarab! 

My question: who plays creepy old dude?

39 thoughts on “In A World …

  1. Hilarious post, Erin! Maybe your next project should be pattern-envelope-based Hollywood screenplays. (Hollywood Patterns…Hollywood Screenplays!) Seriously, your creations would be a lot more original and exciting than the junk we see in theatres nowadays.

    Creepy old dude to be played by Robert Duvall. William H. Macy could play his creepy not-quite-as-old son.


  2. If it was made in the sixties then it has to be Vincent Price, but if it’s now then I’d go with Jeffrey Rush – He seemed to be having so much fun in the remake of “House on Haunted Hill”


  3. 1960’s creapy old guy?
    Vincent Price, of course!

    Jean Shrimpton in one of my all time favorite dresses. Notice how small bustlines were actually fashionable back then–plastic cleavage would ruin this look!


  4. Creepy old dude – that would be Hefner, but 25 years on – HE IS STILL THERE!!!

    Scary scary indeed!

    Love the story – is that Jean Shrimpton in the photo?


  5. Oh…how I loved the 60’s. What was that they said, if you remember them you really weren’t there? Hogwash! Not for us clearheaded folk. I remember them like it was yesterday. Jean Shrimpton was fab. Amen to the small breast comment by Jen O. Think Audrey Hepburn. I want this pattern by the way!!!!


  6. I agree Vincent Prince, or more modern, Gary Oldman.

    Do love the pattern and I want black dress and or yellow dresses hair do


  7. I hope that the yellow dress’s escape is easy because I don’t want that thing to be filthy when she sells it to me at her rummage sale. (I’m sure she’s not going to want that old dress hanging around to remind her of her harrowing near death experience.) I’ll figure out how to get the black & white version from the dead girl when I have more time to think about that.


  8. I’d say go with the 60s counterpart to “the Shrimp” – David Hemmings! He was a lovely looking young man when he played the photographer in the Antonioni film “Blow Up”. If you check out his appearance now with sort of a Vincent Price mustache version of eyebrows (bushy, waxed and curled at the ends) and then imagine him spouting the sexy 60s photographer dialog, it’s truly alarming! Besides….. he’s a great character actor.


  9. I know this is totally off the subject, but are there plans yet for IWADD this year? In 2008, the original plan was for Labor Day if I remember correctly. That’s in a month–plenty of time to sew something fabulous!


  10. Bela Lugosi could do it and in a shocking twist, it comes out that Black Dress was in on it all along (or maybe is the daughter of creepy guy) and always wanted to off Ditzy.


  11. Terence Stamp would be wonderful – you’d know why Black Dress appears transfixed! Also I’m really hoping that the blonde’s dress wasn’t harmed by the manner of her demise – or at least that it was dry cleaned before any stains set. Now, what could those college boys be wearing…?


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