So I was wondering if I've already posted about this dress, or if, because it's camouflage, it has merely blended in with the rest of the blog, and that's why I can't find it:


This is currently my favorite casual Heidi dress, even though the fabric is a bit on the pilly side. Here's a closeup of the bodice — I took this picture after I'd worn the dress about a dozen times, so you might even be able to see the pilling: 


I do think it's a little disturbing, how much I love camouflage as a print. Perhaps it's my knee-jerk Gen X "irony" (in the debased sense of "incongruity") or maybe it's just that I am in love with idea that you need so much technology to ape what are supposed to be organic forms, or that I enjoy the absurdity of making fairly distinctive clothing out of something that was originally intended to make the wearer blend into the background. Whatever it is, I just keep doing it. If you had to categorize my fabric stash, the second-biggest category (after "Liberty," of course!) is "camouflage."

I have pink, blue, bright green, and several colors of brown camo, in addition to this gray, but weirdly enough I can't seem to find what I think would be the ur-color of non-blending camouflage: blaze-orange camouflage. Wouldn't that be awesome? Hunter orange camo! If I had some of that I would probably have to be physically restrained from wearing it twice a week, but that level of absurdity and self-contradiction would make me really happy. So if you see some, let me know, okay?

34 thoughts on “Camouflagellation

  1. the link didn’t go to the photo that I wanted, scroll down the page a little and there is pics of interesting things done to camo, sorry about that.


  2. Last week, ‘camouflage’ was the subject of Spoonflower’s weekly fabric contest. I don’t remember having seen any in blaze-orange but there were about 80 submitted designs… And I guess you could (with some serious Illustrator-effort) just take a normal camo swatch, get the repeat right, change the colour and have it printed there.


  3. the orange camo stuff — i was at a WorldCon and there was an entire “Mars Expedition Forces” platoon wearing orange/red/brown camo… never thought to ask them where they got it, but it was very cool and they looked great.


  4. If you Google “Orange camo” you will get a lot of hits, including a T-shirt you could wear with a skirt, a bandana, and some pants.


  5. I love camo, but I have never actually worn it, as I think I’ll come off looking like a 30 something who is trying to look like a teenager! My fave would be the Navy one (I think it’s the Navy one)- the pale blue/dark blue one. Always wanted some pants or a hat in that – maybe I could use my fishing expeditions as an excuse to buy a Sage camo truckers hat….must explore this some more!


  6. I got some orange hunter-camo a few years ago. I made PJ pants out of it and they’re the warmest things ever! Plus, no one’s ever lost me out in the snow when I’m wearing them either! 🙂


  7. Searched all camo/camouflage cotton fabrics on eBay and found three that contain orange:

    Some other colors you may be interested in:

    While on eBay, I looked for camo clothing and found these for everyone to see:
    Lily Pulitzer silk dress
    Pink and green camo apron
    Plein Sud silk dress

    Do you think I would be less noticeable at the beach if I wore a Desert Camo swimsuit?


  8. I just made my teenage daughter two camo
    skirts in different colors. I like it also.
    I don’t think age should be a consideration
    for fashion if you wear something tasteful.
    I wouldn’t go for the “Lara Croft” total
    outfit look, but I think a skirt or t-shirt
    is fine, especially for casual wear.


  9. I am named Heidi and have both loved and felt the curse of wearing
    ‘Heidi” style’ clothes… so i appreciate your camo ‘take’
    on the heidi-style.
    when I saw your lovely grey dress, I flashed on.. hmm
    a wild orange sash/belt would weird up the look a bit.
    or an orange camo apron? (For the killer in the kitchen! )



  10. A few weeks ago I saw a lady in one of the most incredible coordinated outfits I have ever seen. She wore orange sunglasses, an orange ribbon in her hair, an orange shirt, orange track shoes, and an orange camo tracksuit. Her purse was orange too. She was really polite and nice, which completed the package.


  11. A girl I knew in college made herself some orange camo bell bottoms and she thought they were soooo cooool, though I personally hated them. Have no idea where she got the fabric, sadly. I love your dress though!


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