First Review!

The first review of The Secret Lives of Dresses has shown up in my feed reader … from Sarah at the blog Domestic Sluttery:

As the author of A Dress A Day, Erin McKean conjures up the most beautiful descriptions of clothes, including a cherry pie print blouse that sent me straight to eBay. In Mimi's shop, Dora discovers that each item comes with a story, and these were absolutely beautiful. The dress that is only for dancing, the dress that is for a very particular meeting…

Although certain elements of the plot were a little predictable for me, The Secret Lives of Dresses is a heart-warming and lovely book that would make a great Christmas present for any vintage lover.

Thanks Sarah! Of course, the book isn't out until February, but I assume they still have book tokens in the UK, right? (I used to love reading about book tokens in children's books. And speaking of children's books, the cover image at that post is for the UK edition — doesn't it look very Noel Streatfeild? I am so lucky in my book covers …)

9 thoughts on “First Review!

  1. Congrats Erin! Your Famous!!! ((grin))
    I feel like I am waiting for my friend to have a baby………
    I pre-ordered my copy. I Have been so looking forward to this. Do you know if they will make this available on Kindle?


  2. I’m in the UK and ordered my copy months ago from So excited was I about the very prospect of the book, I never even thought about a UK edition! But even though it means I’ll miss out on the free domestic shipping, I think I’ll stick with my American copy as I do love that yellow dress…


  3. I love the British cover. It is totally Noel Streatfield. Your US cover looks like summer and your winter cover looks like winter. I kind of want them both. 🙂
    Can’t wait to read it!


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