The Dress A Day Dozen Gift Guide: #4 Walker Bags

I love these cases from Walker Bags


They make fantastic presents — if you pre-load them. A quick trip to the drugstore or dollar store and you can give a great emergency kit: aspirin, nail files, safety pins, bandaids, gum, lip balm … you can also add a $20 if you're so inclined.

NYCers: They sell these at Ricky's and they often go on clearance in January — stock up for next year! And if you live near a Kinokuniya or a Muji you can find similar bags there (although Walker's are the nicest, and they're based here in San Francisco …)


[And we're still on the fundraising drive/Secret Lives poll:]

If we reach $1200 in donations by December 25, I will write a new "secret lives" story, that will include the top-two vote-getters below:

2 thoughts on “The Dress A Day Dozen Gift Guide: #4 Walker Bags

  1. Random side note on Walker bags for crafters… because of the gridded mesh they are also great for doing a little cross-stitch embellishment. I got the idea from Monsterbubbles so I can’t claim it for my own. Add a little charm to the zipper pull and it’s even better. I made one for a friend and she loved it.


  2. Love the mesh beach tote! I have a mesh shopping bag that I bought at the supermarket for $5 (of course, it’s not as pretty as the Walker bag, but it was one-tenth the price) and it’s great for the beach because the sand falls out of it, and if you have wet clothing or wet towels inside, they will “breathe.” Also, the mesh fabric doesn’t get soaked and stained like canvas would.


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