Vogue 5121: Girl's Night Out


Birgit sent me the link to this ages ago — I can't believe it's still available at her shop. Don't these girls look out for a good time?  They all look loaded for bear, but my money is on the brunette in teal. 

I think view D is the prettiest dress — even in basic black. 

The fundraiser is still going strong — remember, if we hit $1200 by Christmas, there's a new Secret Lives story coming! And there are still 3 or 4 prepublication copies of Secret Lives up for grabs for the next few donors … 




Remember to vote for what you want to see in the story:


9 thoughts on “Vogue 5121: Girl's Night Out

  1. @Diane: Not anymore, you don’t. I’ve been looking for a pattern like this for-like-ever and I’m so glad you posted a link to the B36 one! I can’t wait to do it in all different fabrics and I may try it with a dirndl skirt too.

    (I got the mustache ladies one, too. Yowza.)


  2. I used to love these patterns, so many looks for one price. The pattern never goes back into the envelope no matter how you fold all those pieces. I’d say View A is the most likely to get lucky, but the poor dear appears to not have legs.


  3. Oh no, View E will walk out with any guy she fancies. Love it. I’d sew that one first, but I’d have to find someone with a figure for it so they could wear it.


  4. I clicked on comments also thinking ‘loaded for bear?’

    Urban Dictionary says
    1.To be prepared, mentally and/or physically, for extreme opposition; typically used in reference to an aggressive or potentially violent situation.

    2.Carrying more equipment than necessary. Overloaded. It can be used in a variety of ways meaning a person is equipped more than necessary for his/her prey.

    UD derives it from hunting- if expecting to meet brown bear, one brings the big guns.

    Idioms at The Free Dictionary only has 1. of the above, but adds ‘angry’ and ‘drunk’…

    Teal-clad pale brunettes Represent! I think the group is greater than any of the individuals there, though. It’s the gang as a gang that will impress the world- and they’re definitely more a gang than a gaggle, wouldn’t you say?


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