Bazaar, While Bizarre, Still Provides Inspiration


So the latest issue of Bazaar is a bit on the bizarre side (can we please try not running long stories about the sex lives of rock stars or other celebrities for a while? You know, just as a change of pace?) there was this dress in it, which I love.

This dress is from Callula Lillibelle—and while we're talking about moratoriums, I think that names that evoke either the French Quarter demi-monde of the turn of the last century, or overly-petted pedigreed show dogs are getting a bit overused.

This dress was in the "Style at Any Age" feature, in the 70+ section. I am always thrilled by the 70+ section, because it means you often get a picture of Carmen Dell'Orefice, who is a goddess (according to Wikipedia, she roller-skated to modeling assignments to save the bus fare!), and also because I always think "Cool, I have 30-some years to get around to wearing [whatever it is that catches my eye]". Plus, they usually throw a low-heeled shoe in there as a sop to all their fragile osteoporotic readers. 

I would love to use a pattern like this for my brown roses fabric — any suggestions for a similar vintage pattern would be much appreciated!


13 thoughts on “Bazaar, While Bizarre, Still Provides Inspiration

  1. Yes, a 70-year-old can wear a full skirt. I have seen this pulled off several times at a neighborhood Christmas party. The person I am thinking of has a level of elegance I can dream of (or aspire to, maybe – I have about 14 years to achieve it!).


  2. Such a beautiful dress. I didn’t see this one, Erin, but I did see others by the euphonious Callula Lillibelle in magazines I picked up at the hair salon. I was smitten by the clothes and by the name. This is such a perfect, feminine ’50s throwback.


  3. I made V2903 for my beautiful daughter out of blue linen with brown roses and it was drop dead gorgeous. It ran BIG though, just in case you are considering it. Size the pattern well before you cut because it has a crapload of seams to take in again if you get it too big. Very flattering. Amazing dancing dress. I wish I could post the video of her dancing at my sister’s wedding in it. Brag brag brag brag BRAG. *smile*


  4. I think I “saw” that dress in my mind when you first posted that fabric…hmmm…or did you post a pic with it? Anyway. Kismet (I think that’s right)


  5. Very nice dress, thanks! Isn’t Carmen the one who said in an interview once that she always carried her passport and a condom in her (tiny, I think) purse because “you never know!” and it’s good to be prepared. or something to that effect?


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