Triple Fabric Score!

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So there's now Scrabble fabric available at eQuilter, who knew? (Well, Monique and Mary Teri did, thanks for the link!)

I'm notoriously bad at Scrabble, but maybe a shirtdress made of Scrabble fabric will give me magical powers? Worth a shot. With wooden Scrabble tiles as buttons, of course. (I couldn't find those on Etsy, which completely surprised me. You'd think someone was doing that, wouldn't you?)

11 thoughts on “Triple Fabric Score!

  1. Shank buttons aren’t hard to make. Glue shank backs (like ,a href=””>these) to the back of letter tiles. You may want to use tiles from Travel Scrabble, though, as the ones from the standard game are pretty heavy.


  2. For a moment I was trying to find words in this fabric like Boggle. Then I remembered that you’re supposed to lay the tiles down as words like a crossword puzzle. You could cut out the tiles and stitch them as a word to whatever you’re making. Or iron them to stiff interfacing and make your own travel version. If I was the kind that had too much time on my hands (LOL) I’d check to see if all the letters were present in this panel.


  3. I know how you feel about Scrabble. I thought as a native English speaker, writer and former journalism major, I would kick my friend’s butt since she was not a native English speaker. She thoroughly trounced me! I am sure everyone assumes you would be phenomenal because your are lexicographer. (I hope I spelled that right…I know look it up. Sorry to lazy right now.)


  4. The key to Scrabble is playing lots, especially with someone who is better–not hard in my case, either. Playing online via FB has improved my skills quite a bit.

    I love most of the Scrabble fabrics: will have to have some at some point, but right now I’m under a self-imposed fabric-buying moratorium. Sigh.


  5. Scrabble is not about words, it’s about pink, blue and red squares. Fill those in, even with little words and you are sure to win!


  6. Love the fabric. Maybe I should make buttons out of my mom’s Scrabble, since there are a couple of home-made replacement tiles in the box. I bet a talented person could make a jig to hold the tiles and, using a 1/16″ drill bit, drill 2 holes in each one.

    To practice Scrabble (a game I LOVE to play), try Scrabble Sprint on the Merriam Webster website. I am, frankly, addicted to it.


  7. I think this fabric would make a cute tablecloth. You could use it on a game table when you play–what else?–scrabble. A question about the size: The panel is 24 inches long, right? And 44-45 inches wide?


  8. I love how some rows seem so like words – surely “emurgy” and “qalias” should be words? (So then I had to google qalias, finding “Use DEFINE QALIAS to define a new alias queue, and set its parameters” . . . hmm I still don’t really believe it’s a word . . . but will try to remember it for Scrabble . . . .

    I’ve seen a stall at a local market which had wooden scrabble tile jewellery and it looked pretty good, but not as dazzling as the antique typewriter key (round keys with metal borders) jewellery they also sold 😉


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