Airship Hostess Recruiting Campaign


If I were recruiting for a new elite corps of airline hostesses (and who's to say I'm not?) I would definitely make this the uniform. See how cleverly the sergeant's stripes are incorporated into the bodice?

Thanks to Tammy O. for sending the link — the eBay auction ends, like, nowish, so jump if you want it.

Oh, and I think the model in gray is holding a swagger stick, yes? 

7 thoughts on “Airship Hostess Recruiting Campaign

  1. no, I think it is a sword stick. It is for any passengers who would even think of lighting up. derrigibles and all that.

    Anyway, don’t you know that if you are the hero/heroine on an airship you always end up running up and down the gantries with a baddie after you.
    So, the airship hostesses are all issued with the swordstick as part of the uniform…yes, the rank stripes incorporated into the uniform are to keep baddies from realising their elite training for engaging enemies in the gantries.
    Sandy in the UK


  2. Not speaking from experience here, but I’d say a long sharp pointy object in an airship is almost as dangerous as a lighted cigarette.

    But of course it would be very useful when, as Sandy mentioned, the baddies start chasing you (or vice versa) because you’d have to slash open the tight skirts PDQ.


  3. An excellent choice for the uniform! The lines of the bodice/cuffs are great and the potential for using piping is there, too. You’ll need a more substantial hat, though, to balance the dress, don’t you think?


  4. Fantastic skirt length too. Although possibly difficult if the plane has to be evacuated via the rubber slide thing? As the Aeroflot broschure said: Go down it.


  5. I wonder what the air sergeant carries in that tool clutch… perhaps a pocket Michelin guide, a small and liberally anointed vial of oil of lavender, one lipstick (killer red), a bow tie for use in passenger emergencies, and her own telescoping swagger stick?


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