Best New Project, History of Fashion Division


Why is this woman smiling? (Well, because her dress is kick-ass, that's one reason.) The other is because she probably (like me) just found out about this wonderful new project from Minh-Ha Pham of Of Another Fashion. (Thanks Kat G for the link!)

Pham is collecting images of women of color, who, as she points out, are almost completely overlooked and left out of fashion histories. 

Her blog is fantastic and the pictures are wonderful. Highly recommended (and send her your pictures)!

7 thoughts on “Best New Project, History of Fashion Division

  1. I just sent this info to one of our profs in American Studies. Surely somebody at this university is studying race and fashion. Thank you, Kat G and Erin, for this fantastic resource!


  2. What a great idea! I love how the arts can transcend so many artificial boundaries: age, class, gender, geography, etc. I doubt there isn’t a culture in the world whose heritage hasn’t contributed beautifully to the world of fashion. And there are so many “looks” that are beautiful. This project is so exciting!


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