I'm So Glad That You're Mine (Almost)


Thanks to Janet at ZimmersArmy, this pattern is now mine. Or close to mine, as soon as the USPS delivers it into my waiting arms. I believe the only appropriate reaction is "oh boy!"

There are pockets, people. And look at that yoke. And I'm going to make it in just that buttercup yellow with a teal suede belt and teal shoes (…. um, someday).

I love a dress that has a narrow front and gathers in the center back of the skirt. It always feels like a train to wear — you just sweep into rooms (if you're so inclined).

Check out the looks that these two are exchanging. What happens next? My guess is: what always happens next when two people spend a little too long looking at each other.

12 thoughts on “I'm So Glad That You're Mine (Almost)

  1. Hey, Erin. Just finished your book this morning. That was a mighty fine piece o’ writing. I enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to more, more, MORE!


  2. I’m enjoying your blog! I’m a vintage fashion collector and have a few vintage patterns (and always enjoy looking at them!) but can’t sew to save my own life. My tendency as a young girl was to earnestly sew things …. onto my self. In Girl Scouts, I once sewed a “sit-upon” (little flat cushion) to my uniform. That was sort of it for me.

    But I admire greatly your efforts to sew classic vintage clothes! Old patterns are just wonderful, as is the art on them. Keep up the good work!

    (This one is a beauty. Wish you could make me one too!)


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