quick housekeeping note

Hi folks, you might notice a little "rewards" tab on the side of the page — I'm helping a friend test out a new blog service, so any and all feedback welcome. (That's what happens out here in the Silicon Valley, everything's on the bleeeeeding edge.)

While you're here, enjoy this 1970's pattern:


[from HouseofGlassCards, on eBay]

Just looking at this pattern gets me so earwormed with "Hey Nineteen". But I kinda want to make the sailor collar version … 

24 thoughts on “quick housekeeping note

  1. OK so I clicked the rewards tab and nothing happened. No that’s not right it did refresh the page but that’s it. Do I find the tab bothersome? No.


  2. nothing happened for me when I clicked it either, but as far as how it looks, it’s in an awkward place and forcing me to scroll extra to read the post. So, yes, finding it bothersome here (firefox 3.6.15 — switched to ie and didn’t even see it, it behaves in chrome the way it behaves in firefox). If it’s got to sit there and block text, it would be nicer if it was up at the top out of the way (or at the bottom instead of stuck about 2/3 of the way down).


  3. I’m on IE8. At first, clicking it didn’t appear to do anything. A minute or two later, a popup for it appeared.

    The popup doesn’t give enough information to entice me to try it. The step 1/step 2 items should have a click-through for more information.


  4. omg, I MADE that dress, in 1972. In peach charmeuse with an ivory charmeuse collar. It was gorgeous, a really lovely dress. Newly married in June, I wore it on a trip we very young newlyweds (19 and 21) took to Puerto Rico that December. I can picture the photo taken of us outside the restaurant at the San Juan Hilton. I remember I had Steak Diane and a flaming cherries jubilee for dessert. That dress and that trip live in my memory. thanks for the post. Lydia


  5. Mac firefox 3.6.13. The location is quite annoying, over the text about 2/3 down the page. Would be far less annoying on the right hand, on this blog (but maybe not on all blogs).

    Clicking it showed some “connecting….” messages in the status bar but did nothing.


  6. I agree that the location should be higher or lower. My browser is Opera and when I clicked it showed a count of something in the address box at the top of my page, but then nothing ever showed up. Did it download something that I can’t see? Made me a little nervous…


  7. I think I made that dress, too! Seconded about feeling old.
    The rewards thingy is mostly disconcerting; though I scroll down the page, it sits there, motionless (Google Chrome). When I clicked on it, I got the two steps to ‘play’. I choose not to. Though I use facebook, I don’t ‘like’ the ads presented; this feels a bit like that.


  8. I’m using the latest FireFox. When I clicked on the rewards tab from the main page, I got an infinitely reloading progress bar in the lower right and that’s all. I had to leave the page to make it stop. From the comment page, I got a blip of a waiting/reading message, then nothing.


  9. Safari on iPhone here. The tab is obscuring some of the text in the post for me, and didn’t do anything when clicked.

    I made that pattern last year (the version without the collar) in a black and white print and wore it a lot more than I expected!


  10. I am sorry for those rewards people, but really I don’t see why i should be rewarded for reading you, enjoyment is enough.
    Also, I’d rather connect with something else that FB as their privacy settings go wonky all the time and there is no control as to what gets published where most of the time, so I think they should offer another option.
    Just saying! Otherwise, it’s not cumbersome, I just won’t click on it.


  11. Love the pattern! I was in high school in the late ’70’s, but never made up that particular pattern (I was all over the Gunne Sax trend).
    And now I have contracted the “Hey, Nineteen” earworm, but that’s okay, Steely Dan is way cool.


  12. Adore your blog, but am against the Rewards tab. I’m using Firefox, and its placement makes it block the text in an annoying way.


  13. Im on the latest Firefox and when clicked the rewards button doesnt do anything other than refresh the page. However you may find it is because I have pop ups restricted – they may want to check that because it doesnt even ask me to approve the pop up and it should rather than just being blocked altogether.

    Love your blog by the way!


  14. Thanks Erin for helping us test, you’re the best; coffee on me, Thursday! And thanks DressADay fans for your feedback. You can emailt us directly at feedbackATpunchtabDOTcom or visit http://feedback.punchtab.com, we’d love to arrange some time to talk to you live. Happy to continue the conversation here as well.


  15. The rewards banner is really obnoxious! For me, it’s almost in the middle of the page and covering text. I also think any and all banners that scroll with you down the page are obnoxious and should never happen, no matter where they are located. So I would strongly advise against putting it in.

    Other than that, I love your blog and have been reading it regularly for quite a long time! Keep it up!


  16. I made this dress to wear to a wedding in 1975 (grade 11). It was indigo (not navy) and white batik cotton. I still have the pattern and the scraps.


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