I just picked up

… this fabric, at the Oakland White Elephant sale (Suzette! Sorry I missed you! Leah! Nice running into you!): 


Yep, polished cotton, with polka-dots the way the good Lord intended them to be: fist-sized.

What should I make? Did I mention that there was SEVEN and SEVEN-EIGHTHS yards of it? Which I bought for $23? (Some days I'm so darn lucky that it's a wonder I'm not killed by angry bystanders on the spot.)

I got some other stuff too, including as much vintage bias tape as I could carry. Pics to come. 

20 thoughts on “I just picked up

  1. Mmmmmm…..vintage bias tape. One of my favourites! I was lucky enough to be able to raid my future mother-in-law’s stash that belonged to her mother. 100% Cotton percale and rayon kinds – they just don’t make it like they used to!

    I showed it to a friend and she just said: “You’re such a sewing nerd!” Heehee.


  2. If I had that fabric, and the right figure, I would make a dress with a circle skirt, a plain, bare-shouldered, fitted bodice, and spaghetti straps, all from the same fabric. The colors of all the components would match, but the patterns would all be different.


  3. I concur with Delores – it seems to demand a full skirt, gathered at the waist, and something plainer up top; a bit Dior New Look-ish I guess 😉 Although on second look I can also see it as a full-skirted coat dress, I think those spots would work nicely on a broad collar. Looking forward to what you come up with!


  4. That fabric calls for a full skirt and bright pink cardigan. Nice to see you too…I ended up with that skirt pattern and some very nice blue baby cord.

    Have you ventured to Boss Robot yet?


  5. Hii Erin, please check your email I submitted a new fashion word ! I am an emerging designer and have been trying to contact you for ages! and I LOVE your fashion blog!
    polka dots and 50’s RULE ! please be a good fashion lexicographer and check your mail: erin@dressaday.com

    Thank youuuuuuuuuuu !!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


  6. I’m seeing a Heidi dress in polka dots with summer coat in orange (maybe green??) w/polka dot lining. I would pipe the dress in orange and pipe the coat in polka dots.


  7. For those with children or who’ve retained their love for kid’s programming, I look at that fabric and can only see making an adult sized Uniqua costume from the Backyardigans!

    Don’t know if you’re any good at haberdashery, but a nice, coordinating wide-brim hat in that fabric would be fabulous!


  8. I have a suggestion for that polka-dot fabric but can only tell you in a month or so as it’s currently under embargo. That makes me feel much more glamorous, cutting edge and in-the-know than I actually am, so thank you!

    The vintage notions… You must tell! And soon, please!


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