Every Hour; One Dress


I love that with this one pattern you can be ready for anything: everything from drinking coffee in your nightgown to full-on evening wear. You can even throw it on over pants, if you like that sort of thing!

From the wiki, it looks like it might have once been available at Lanetz Living but some smart cookie snapped it up. You can still find one (cheap!) at Penny's Antique Dollhouse of Patterns ….

12 thoughts on “Every Hour; One Dress

  1. Yoink! It was in my size, I couldn’t resist. I have a vintage Vera bedsheet with a gorgeous border print that has been waiting for a dress to become.


  2. It looks like a brunch coat and a long brunch coat…

    I clicked onto vintage wiki and had one of those revolting video commercials roll over my screen. Does that happen to anyone else? It didn’t even have a close button.


  3. I love this pattern so much, this is Penny of AntiqueDollHouse of patterns website and it has been down the past 24 hours, and the web teckie has been working night and day to fix a problem. so please hang in there and try again tomorrow if you are interested in this great fashion pattern.. Thank you Erin! Penny


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