Today's Pattern Story (and Sale): Simplicity 5995


"I don't care if you are taking my picture, I'm going to keep pouting until my hair is as big as those girls in the illustration! Also, don't you think I'm a little too backlit for a shirt this sheer?"

"And I do so look like Brooke Shields!"

[today's pattern courtesy of Kathleen at Little Hunting Creek. She's running a Mother's Day Sale, now through May 8th. Use the code "Dressaday" and buy three – get the fourth pattern free. They''ll take the extra pattern off at checkout. If you buy this pattern, don't be surprised if your mother tells you to smile, because you have "such a pretty face when you smile."]


8 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story (and Sale): Simplicity 5995

  1. I think it may be Brooke, I recall she did some modeling for patterns early in her career. Unfortunately I didn’t wear a size 10 even then.


  2. I have a whole series of Brooke Shields branded patterns (I think they were Simplicity) from that period – including Brooke Shields clothes for Barbie.


  3. It’s not Brooke…but a Brooke-a-like. I do love how some of these patterns can be updated easily with the right fabric, buttons, etc. Now I don’t like how sizes have changed. It would be challenging to figure out what 1980s size I am now. Just give my contemporary Simplicity pattern size 8 now!


  4. I don’t think it is Brooke. Back then, she had a serious unibrow. She claimed she would never pluck. Guess things changed . . .


  5. I found that pattern at a vintage fair recently and foisted it on a friend with a lot of fine lawn and lace.

    What do experienced sewists think of this resizing method?

    Kudos to the Brooke-alike for playing against garment-type-casting, too. Clothes do influence one’s mood, but one isn’t going to be Pollyanna Sunshinepants (or Wednesday Addams) for a whole day/evening just because one’s clothes are; character development and narrative arcs are fine things too.


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