Ask Me Anything (on this 20Q list)

Thanks ChickLitBee, for featuring me in your "20Q for Authors" series!

An excerpt: 

Celebrity crush? Still Lord Byron. I mean, he was obviously a total jerkface, but still. 

Favorite television show right now? A tie between "House" and "Eureka." I like me the science.

More at the link above … 

7 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything (on this 20Q list)

  1. Awesome. Lord Byron gets more crazy each time I hear/read something about him. In a Wish-I-Could-Have-Been-There sort of way.

    Eureka is back on! Celebrates!

    And, I’m making a new comic con dress, and it’s from dalek fabric!


  2. I found it on Spoonflower! There are lots of Dr. Who fabrics available, and Steam Punk fabrics – geekery abounds!

    also, my fabric arrived today, and the squares are bigger than I thought! I may have to change my pattern… 0_0


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