Today's Pattern Story: Vogue 9747


All the action here is with Pink Dress Lady. What the heck is that in her hand? Camera? Lorgnette? Laser sight? Smoked glass for viewing an eclipse? I just don't know.

Obviously, Blue and Black are sisters, with Black being the hard-charging executive running the business Daddy left them, and Blue sort of sweetly dim and willing to go along. Pink is … their ambitious cousin? Ambitious marketing executive? Ambitious next-door-neighbor?

I love how the wide black belt on Black's dress makes her torso look square, like a Lego minifig. (You can pull the top right off and put it on another pair of legs! Very cool.)

Here's what the three of them are thinking right this minute:

Pink: Won't be long now. They won't even know what hit them. Stupid cows.

Black: Quarterly earnings should be good. Got to figure out what to do with Doug in the Western Region. He's not pulling his weight. Jerry better have the new prototype ready tomorrow.

Blue: Puppies! 

(Today's pattern from Janet at Lanetz Living.)

15 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story: Vogue 9747

  1. You have missed Pink’s real identity. The color of her frock should have tipped you off. She’s an industrial spy. And, since this is the ’50s, she’s a ‘Pinko” industrial spy. That’s a secret camera in her hand (spy equipment was so much bigger and bulkier then). She’s thinking, “Boris, I have their manufacturing plans! Will you love me now?


  2. “A illustrated in cross-wise tucked fabric”
    which seems odd since she’s the little tiny figure in the background. Cross-wise tucked fabric evidently does not hold up well under closer examination – which is too bad, because if it were, we could see what that thing is infront of her face. I think it’s a Phantom of the Opera type mask.


  3. Is Blue’s comment on puppies a comment on her shoes, “Hush Puppies!” or the puppy she’s getting after work today from her older sister who’s in Black? Is this Black’s way of keeping her distracted and taking too keen an interest in the family business?


  4. I just finished your novel. You’ve long been leading me down the path of vintage dresses and delicious fabric . . . now I wish I could arrive at Mimi’s and soak up the beauty.

    What a wonderful story. Thanks Erin!


  5. Definitely a mask, held to the right of her face. Presumably when blue or black turn round, pink whips the mask back on to keep her identity secret.


  6. It was so nice to hear the blonde as the smart & capable one and the brunette as dim! Good to see that what women wear can overcome social stereotyping.


  7. I seriously love your pattern stories. Before I started reading your blog I wasn’t even aware of the people on the patterns. Now I sit and giggle to myself in fabric shops when I’m looking at the pattern books. Others must think I’m crazy! Keep up the good work!


  8. At first I thought Pink was having an eye test then I figured it out! She is an eye shadow tester for Mary Kay hence the color of her dress! The other two are the competition and clueless that she is back there with next seasons hit color! The puppies are a diversionary tactic! Love this pattern, you could do some really nice crinkly silk or crepe for dress up but love that black in maybe a not so stretchy jersey for work. Short sleeve blue version love the top but would put a full skirt on the bottom half for a girly summer dress!


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