A Comic-Con Post

No, I didn't go (sigh) — but Kristen did. In this dress:


See how awesome it is on? (And it has pockets!) 


The fabric (from Spoonflower) is here.

Can't get enough Dalek dresses? Scope the one in this pic.

(And did you Whovians know Chameleon Circuit has a new album out? You probably did. The eleven-year-old fanboy in my house has been playing it for me all week. It's really good! I think you can hear it here; my favorite I think is "Everything is Ending".)

17 thoughts on “A Comic-Con Post

  1. Kristin is showing off some pretty awsome pattern layout and print-matching skills. If you squint your eyes, the print blurs and all you see is the symmetry and balance of the white borders. Most Excellent.


  2. Oh, I wish I was there… and that dress is perfect! Going to try to go next year, and that would be a great excuse to make the Steampunk/Victorian outfit I’ve been wanting!


  3. So jealous! I live in SD and get to see many of the costumes every year, but don’t have patience to fight the battle for tickets… You have to see it in person to believe all the work that many of the attendees put into their costumes. We were able to go last year on Sunday, just incredible! Love the dress Kristen! Have you ever tried to lay seam allowance line on fold of fabric to cut out bodice? It is easier to center lines/patterns in fabric. Try it on a scrap first, it works 99% of the time!


  4. Thanks for the kudos and the tips! It was super fun to wear at the Con. Reports are surfacing that the Dr. Who fan turnout blew all others out of the water. YES! 🙂


  5. Kristen is sort of awesome, I stalk her blog on a regular basis. Gah, this has got me wanting to make a Stunt Dress in the worst possible way.


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