Vogue 8728: True Love

I posted about Vogue 8728 a couple of weeks ago:


And since then I've actually made it up. (Twice, but I only have one photographed.)

Vogue 8728

Here's a better view of the bodice: 


And the neck binding/gathers: 


And the zipper (not the best job I've ever done, but serviceable):


And the back view:


And the inside of the midriff, which I underlined in silk organza to give it a little strength & anti-wrinkle mojo:


So: pattern notes. The gathers will make you look bustier than you are; decide whether this is a bug or a feature and act accordingly. This one is cut one size smaller in the neckline, but for the second version, I ended up cutting two sizes down in the shoulder/neck — either the neckline is very wide, or my shoulders are narrow, not sure which. I did a four-inch hem (folded two inches, folded again, blindstitched on the machine) because this voile fabric is so lightweight that you need a heavy hem to make it hang right … and it turned out to be the right length.

Oh, and I added pockets.

This dress is really fun to wear; it's light and airy and goes well with sneakers and with sandals, and it is PERFECT for Liberty Tana Lawn (I made a second one in Tana Lawn that I haven't photographed yet). The gathers would be trickier in heavier fabric — I think even quilting cotton would be too stiff. (I've also cut one out in dotted Swiss; we'll see how that goes.)

I've seriously had this flower fabric for one kajillion years, and probably part of my joy in finding this pattern is that it will work for several OTHER pieces of fabric of roughly the same geological era — all of which were too beautiful not to purchase, but too lightweight to make into shirtdresses. I feel so justified moving them all to California now … 

25 thoughts on “Vogue 8728: True Love

  1. I continue to fall in love with this dress given all the iterations now floating around the internet. I’m sorry I didn’t buy it last week during Vogue Patterns’ online sale. Maybe I’ll buy it yet!


  2. You created a beautiful dress from this pattern. I’m so glad to read your review, too. I’ve considered getting and making up this pattern, but I’m already super busty – I don’t need to look like I’ve got even more than I do!


  3. Don’t you think it’s one of the best dresses you’ve made?? I should say–of those I’ve seen on DAD. Love everything about it, the fabric is perfect and the placement of the flowers on the bodice–intentional or otherwise is sublime. I want.


  4. This is just lovely! However, I would truly love to see it on your body. The dress form is great, but there is something about seeing a dress filled out with an actual person that gives you a better idea of what it looks like. I’m feeling a strong desire to run out and purchase that fabric.


  5. I love this pattern so much and you have made a really beautiful dress from it. Being of the larger busted persuasion myself, I don’t think I could ever get it to work on me, which is so very disappointing…


  6. Very nice! I love what you did with it. And are you getting a lot of chances to wear this in northern San Mateo County, or is this for inland/southern events?


  7. Am making this one next so I’m glad to see that your mods were successful. I was thinking of the two sizes down for the bodice too and will use a not too stretchy knit (from Fabrix on Clement). Pockets, interesting idea…


  8. Wow this looks beautiful! I ordered this pattern several days ago and can’t wait to get it, especially now that I see how it turned out for you!


  9. Do you think that the neckline is too big because you did not put in the shoulder pads (at least it does not look like you did)?


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