Vogue 8728: This Time It's Liberty

So Vogue 8728, which I posted about the other day, looks even better (I think) in Liberty "Mark": 



Here's a fuzzier full-length view:


And a close-up of the neck binding:


You can't really see the fabric's lusciousness in those pictures, so looky here:


And for the more technically-inclined among you, here's how I reinforced the pocket opening on the zipper side with organza (the midriff is also underlined with organza):


The best part is that this dress matches the shoes in this post (from yonks ago). Yep, I now have TWO outfits that are Liberty-print-with-matching-shoes. Because I'm obsessive that way. (The other is a dress in the Enchanted Garden print, which J.Crew did flats in a few years back. That link is to the skirt I made in Enchanted Garden, can't find the dress link … )

Actually, no, the best part is that I wore this dress last weekend and on my way to the restaurant, a woman came out of a (different) restaurant JUST to comment on my dress. She knew the fabric was Liberty and so assumed I'd made the dress, and she wanted to see how I did the hem (answer: machine blindstitch), which was basically the best compliment, ever. It's so nice to run into fellow Liberty-enthusiasts! 

I also have a piece of fabric in this design in the pink colorway that Liberty used for their Target collaboration, but it's heavier (almost a poplin), so I'm saving it for a shirtdress. 

Do I have another 8728 cut out? That would be telling … 

17 thoughts on “Vogue 8728: This Time It's Liberty

  1. You’ve finally convinced me to purchase this pattern. Off to check when Vogue patterns are next on sale at Hancock Fabrics.


  2. I am a convert! I initially thought the proportions of this dress were odd in the pattern drawings, but yours are absolutely beautiful in both fabrics. I’m awaiting a shipment of Liberty and in the meantime I might run this up in an inexpensive voile for a test run (my version of a muslin).


  3. Ooooooh! Very nice! I was tempted to buy the pattern but held off; now that your gorgeous version is posted here, I’ll pick up that pattern the next time it’s on sale.


  4. This is gorgeous! Your book and blog have inspired me to sign up for sewing classes…I’ve been a crocheter for a long time, but I’m excited to try something new 🙂 (p.s. are you planning to write another novel? Because I keep reading Dresses, getting to the last page, and flipping back to the beginning to start again. I can only keep that up for so long.)


  5. Such pretty fabric, such a pretty dress.

    And I love that one woman came over to compliment your dress and to ask how you’d done the hem. That’s so fabulous!


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