Gratuitous Shoes Post

Blue Shoes

I finally finished another one of these in this, and only after I put it on to head out the door did I realize that I don't really have any brown flat shoes. (Or any mauve shoes at all, which is surprising given the number of different pairs of pink shoes I DO own.) Thank goodness for those hoarding tendencies, because I realized that I could haul out these blue-and-cream numbers (which I love, but never wear). They're very comfortable (you can't see the 2+ heel height from this "point the cell phone at your feet" vantage point).

Not sure what I will wear this dress with for non-heels occasions. I suppose there's always these or these … 

7 thoughts on “Gratuitous Shoes Post

  1. Shoe perfection – they could not be cuter or a better coordinate for the dress.

    And I dearly love Lemonia, was looking at it several months ago and now wish I had splurged. Although I suppose it would have gone into the leaning tower of aspirations on my sewing table and I would not get to it for years. Sigh.


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