Idée fixe


My latest idée fixe is to make a shirtdress out of this new Joel Dewberry fabric (Woodgrain in Vintage Yellow). (Faux bois idée fixe is probably the longest French phrase I can manage.)

I don’t know why — as with most of my dress-related brainstorms, it falls under the category of “it seemed like a good idea at the time”. 

Not sure WHICH shirtdress pattern this will be matched up with — I dragged out several contenders the other night, of which Butterick 2237:


and Advance 8524:


are currently in the lead. 

Wooden buttons, naturally! Maybe even little twig ones … 

19 thoughts on “Idée fixe

  1. You know, with this wood grain fabric it might be fun to try a 1″ wide bias trim some where for a bit of a “wood work” look. Gosh, wouldn’t a “painting” with wood frames make cute patch pockets!


  2. I’d go for Advance #2. There is something kind of structural about the neckline. And don’t you have measuring tape ribbon or fabric somewhere in your stash? I love Kat’s idea for drawer pull style buttons! Personally–I’d love to make a table cloth or place mat and napkins–or a slip cover!!–out of fabric like this.


  3. What a great fabric! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. You need a skinny little belt in a contrasting color.

    I love the drawer-pull buttons idea, lol… maybe have a large old drawer pull for a buckle on the belt?

    Thanks for posting these patterns – Butterick 2237 is PERFECT for a knockoff of a dress I love from a company I can’t remember the name of. Imagine it in large blue and white gingham with a bright red sash at the waist.


  4. hi, [my first post] i love your site! my vote is for advance, view 2 with a skinny red belt. if there are any buttons that would bring red with wooden centers or small red wooden toggle buttons, that would be cute.


  5. When I was little, my granny made me a mauv wood grain dress for a wedding. Let’s just say it wasn’t as beautiful as your dresses, but it was still awesome in a hideous way 🙂

    love your blog!


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