Well Hello, Kitty


Y'all have already seen the new Hello Kitty fabric from Liberty, yes? (Thanks to Sherri for reminding me to post about this.) I love the idea but I'm slightly meh about the execution. It's too floral for me. Where are my beloved geometrics?

Oh, here they are, from their "Rock Star" (oh, sorry, "Liberty Rocks") line: 


Turns out that guy from the Stone Roses is now an artist. Who knew? (The whole Artist line is pretty cool, actually.)

The other disappointment is that only the Tana Lawn is available on their site, although supposedly the fabric is also available in the (much more versatile) poplin weave as well. (Dear Liberty, Please make more poplin. Also, how about a "Famous Scientists Design for Liberty" line? Love, Erin.)

Do you have a favorite in the new line? 

13 thoughts on “Well Hello, Kitty

  1. I”m on the fence, too, Erin, about the Hello Kitty Liberty print. I can be a fashion follower, for sure, but I don’t like to be too obvious about it! Don’t care if I’m only person on the planet knitting hats with wired brims. Makes me unique! But I do like me some new yarns….


  2. I think my favorite has to be the Storm Thorgerson Liberty Rocks stuff- way to take the sort of overly iconic Pink Floyd prism and make it into a nice geometric design.


  3. I ordered mine a few days ago and today a couple of metres of Hello Kitty Liberty lawn arrived through the post! I got the REALLY busy one (with flowers and trees and houses and swings and Hello Kitty’s granma and grandpa, to name but a few) and it’s delightful. It reminds me of 1930s children’s fabric – even in its colours – and I can’t wait to use it… In the Rock Star collection, I also got some of the gorgeous Edwin Collins birds in blue and will be making a shirtwaist dress with them. I guess it helps that I’ve been a fan of the man for years, but the story behind his birds is very touching as he’s been drawing them ever since a series of debilitating strokes almost saw him off a few years ago. The birds are dated and you can see the progression in the drawings as he’s got better, the art proving an amazing aid to therapy for him and helping him get back on his feet, composing and singing again. Hurrah!


  4. I would buy the heck out of a Famous Scientists line, even at Liberty’s $30 a yard. I have a chemistry degree and it’s long been a dream of mine to make myself a Stunt Shirtwaist, Ms. Frizzle-style.


  5. Hello Kitty looks like she’s on an acid trip in that fabric! She’s falling into some psychadelic field of poppies, or something!


  6. Little Pop must say that she has never been a big fan of Hello Kitty but Little Pop thinks that she is beginning to like like it. Especially if Liberty has teamed up with it, Little Pop’s there!! It would be amazing as a cape with a huge Hello Kitty on top of it!


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