Today's Pattern Story: McCalls 7758


Spy #1: You know how they call it "microfiche"? It's actually much bigger than you think — it's just smaller than regular fiche. That's why we need such big pockets. 

Spy #2: It's a little-known fact that the nub at the top of an authentic beret contains an antenna, to help send secret radio dispatches.

Spy #3: This vent on the back of my dress? It can emit knockout gas! You have to sit up straight all the time, though, so you don't accidentally dose the row behind you at the movies. 

Today's pattern is from Stitches and Loopstons of wonderful shirtdresses there now! And this one which is sold out but I want — anyone got it? 

8 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story: McCalls 7758

  1. Pretty dress and great for my future career as a spy. Love it. I have never cared about having pockets in a dress, but now that I have a smart phone I never like to be without, I could use them. And as a person with no hips, this would probably be flattering. I have to find one like this!


  2. Suh-weet. I’ve spent the better part of the last week looking at shirtwaist patterns. I have a GIANT retro Christmas print that needs to be made into a dress before the holiday season.


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