19 thoughts on “Begging Post: Industrial Sewing Machine?

  1. I would ask Jim Newton at TechShop where they got theirs. Also, the “new school” link doesn’t seem to work for me. But if your kid is going to brightworks, you’re even more awesome than I thought!


  2. Thanks Ravenz — I don’t know — I’ll ask!

    And Peggy, they’re making the “plans” for Brightworks-type schools open. You could start one! 🙂


  3. I also see ’em on SF craigslist a lot, but if I were you I would check out apparel city. They sell and repair industrials (and home machines. I love these guys, but nayy)

    1330 Howard Street
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    (415) 621-6660


  4. Does anyone in the Dallas area need an industrial straight stitch? I have two I would give away (both need repair or maintainance).


  5. I know of an industrial pfaff my co-worker was trying to donate to a JC a few years ago but they never responded. It’s in great condition… I’m just not sure if they are still trying to find someone to take it. I won’t be able to find out until Wednesday but I’ll let you know when I do. It would be in the north bay though.


  6. Check out local public high schools/votechs because they periodically update machines and get rid of their old, still very functional machines. Our Odyssey of the Mind team got a very nice heavy duty machine a couple of years back from our school district.
    I recently discovered your site, and must say that I enjoy reading it immensely. I really enjoy the pattern talk.
    I am listing you as a Versatile Blogger. Please check it out on my site http://mainelywrite.blogspot.com/2011/09/virtually-versatile.html and pass it along to your favorite bloggers!


  7. I vote for an older, metal domestic machine. I worry about younger kids and a machine that could easily sew over their fingers (which I’ve known adults to do).


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