Happy Birthday, Pattern Review!


Pattern Review is celebrating its tenth anniversary! Congratulations to Deepika and to all the PR members who make PR such a great site — with more than ninety THOUSAND pattern reviews, PR is the first place I look when I'm deciding whether or not to make a commercial pattern. If you're not a member (basic membership is free!), you really should be

There are a bunch of PR Day meetups going on all over the world this coming Saturday, November 19th (I wish I could go to PR Day Denmark!) … check out the list here

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Pattern Review!

  1. I found you, I found you! I’d been a follower of your blog for some time but lost the link in the move (2010)to Scotland. I couldn’t seem to find my way back here and have been busy settling in to both a new country and a new marriage to really buckle down and look.

    Until I was researching the Singer 6103 I found in a charity shop this afternoon, and found your review of a vintage Singer Stylist…

    I found you, I found you, now I can catch up!!


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