Happy New Year! Here, Have a Hat!

Happy New Year! I spent all my blogging hiatus/holidays (well, it felt like all my blogging hiatus/holidays) cleaning up my office/sewing room, and in the process I found this:


It’s a pattern for this hat:

Screen shot 2012-01-01 at 8.04.33 PM

Pretty cool, huh? I have absolutely NO idea where it came from, but it came to light as I shoveled through piles of paper. So I ran it down to Fedex and their nice large-bed scanners and got it digitized for y’all. Here’s a PDF to download.

If you make it, send me a picture! Veil optional. (Extra points if you make in gold lame for that chic nimbus effect.)

17 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Here, Have a Hat!

  1. Ooooooh! A HAT pattern! Thanks very much! I just love hats. Perhaps not gold lame, although I could do that, but maybe a nice dark chartreuse velvet.


  2. What a fabulous hat, thank you for the pattern. I’ve now discovered that “American Beauty” is the name of a colour, presumably that of the rose of the same name. That hat in a vibrant pink, Wow!


  3. Hahaha! I, too, immediately thought of Whoopi Goldberg when I saw this hat. Then images of renaissance fairs tripped across my mind’s eye. Still, it is a lovely chapeau. Happy New Year, and thanks for the hat.


  4. I guess I’ve seen a few Christmas cards lately, because picturing this in gold lame made me think of a halo on the Virgin Mary.


  5. How fun! It reminds me of a hat I saw in a movie I watched on Netflix this weekend – GLorious 39. Thanks for the pattern. I might have to give it a try…


  6. What an awesome hat! What are the dimensions of the paper the pattern is on?

    Thanks for a fabulous pro bono hat pattern!


  7. I just printed the pattern for the staff of our museum and library to have as one of our choices for an upcoming hat making day. We are going to wear hats, including our hand crafted ones, in support of an exhibit called “Hang on to Your Hats: Hats from the Collection of the Fort Morgan Museum”


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