Sew It All (or at least a couple of skirts)

I forgot to mention that I have a project in the latest issue of Sew It All … it's a no-pattern project to make skirts out of old t-shirts. 

Yep, that's the skirt I made there on the right. It really is simple to do, and all the materials together cost me less than $20 (for the skirt elastic, plus some tees from the local Goodwill). 

Here's a peek at the how-to page:


My only regret is that I couldn't actually show how to put pockets in — I had this great idea for using the the neckband of the shirt as the top of a patch pocket, but it just made the whole thing too complicated for what was supposed to be an easy project. Oh well, maybe next time … you can almost visualize it from the instructions here:


For those of you in the US, I think this is still available wherever sewing magazines are sold … not sure what the situation is overseas. 

6 thoughts on “Sew It All (or at least a couple of skirts)

  1. I just picked up this mag the other day. I didn’t really look closely at it while I was at the store, but once I got home, I sat down and read the “Who Are the Experts” page. I saw your name and was like, “Hey! I know her!” (Ok, so I don’t know-you-in-person know you, but, y’know. I’m a longtime reader/sometimes commenter [I think under a different name]). And I wanted to tell somebody, but no one in my house would care. But *you* would care, so, Hey! I saw you in the magazine! Cool! Looks like a great skirt to laze around in during the summer, on a chaise lounge with a book and a pair of gigantic movie star sunglasses. With a lemonade.


  2. I wish I could find this magazine — I went to the independent bookseller I normally visit that has a big selection of sewing magazines, but not Sew It All.


  3. I just bought that magazine yesterday. I flipped through it quickly, but hadn’t noticed any of the by-lines. That’s really awesome to hear you did one of the articles. PLEASE post a picture of your version of the skirt with the pocket(s). I’d love to see it. I also prefer always having pockets – and ones large enough to actually carry stuff, too. 🙂


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