And we're back!

Sorry for the long delay in posting … there was this thing, and then this other thing, and then I had to switch to WordPress (which is a thing in and of itself), and then I did a bunch of sewing (watch this space for pictures, coming soon) and well, you know how it is.

The sidebar over there (–>) is still under construction; let me know if there are any links you’re missing. Ditto broken image links … I’ll be re-linking all the pictures to Flickr sometime soon-like.

While I’m getting organized to take more pictures of dresses, here’s a sullen picture of me (taking pictures of myself makes me sullen) in a new version of this dress:

Self-portrait: Erin scowling

The fabric is some Liberty bought yonks ago in the UK. The dress actually makes up really nicely in Liberty, something about the tucks. Putting in a three-inch hem helps it hang well, too.

Anyway: hi! I missed you guys! What’s new with you?

8 thoughts on “And we're back!

  1. Glad to see you back….missed you too. Love the Liberty dress. So how was the marathon and what does a sewist wear when running?


  2. I am finally (FINALLY) making up a dress from a pattern that I bought when it was featured on Dress A Day. The one with a neckline that apparently reminded Erin of paper dolls. Sadly, the bateau neckline doesn’t work at all for me, so I am redrafting it to have a nice kicky vee.


  3. Love the dress and the sullen look. Did you run a half marathon? Awesome! It will keep your legs looking nice in those dresses!


  4. hey, I like this new graphic design for the blog. I realize that I’ve been dropping by for a read since forever and want to suggest that if you can’t get up a new post, to feature a popular old one–I am sure you have some great ones tucked away back in the archives that deserve being re-posted again. (this being one of my biggest objections to blogs–the neglect of older posts). Looking forward to more!


  5. Hi there

    I cannot help but notice that “You Don’t Have to Be Pretty” is no longer on your blog, and I’m wondering if that’s deliberate or if it was a result of the switch to WordPress.

    I had saved the link, so that I could include it in the “book of good and useful things” that I’m compiling for my now 2.5 year old daughter. But the link that I’d saved is now dead, which makes me very sad.

    If there’s any way to get a copy of “You Don’t Have to be Pretty”, could I, please? Thanks very much.


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