The Hundred Dresses: Day 48

One more Simplicity 6894, okay?

Liberty Splash Simplicity 6894

These are the best tucks of the three dresses, but you can’t really see them because this is Liberty Splash, which I bought in London in 2007:
Liberty Splash Simplicity 6894 bodice

I have NO IDEA what happened with this zipper. The waist seam is comically off:
Liberty Splash Simplicity 6894 side zip

And here’s the back:
Liberty Splash Simplicity 6894 back

And here’s a selfie from 2012!

(Cheap patent belt from H&M, Marc Jacobs patent loafers. Hair still wet — I hate blow drying with a passion, avoid it at all costs. The only time my hair is blow-dried is right after I have it cut.)

Thanks for all the pressing and fabric suggestions on yesterday’s dress … you might see another incarnation of this pattern sooner rather than later!

The Hundred Dresses: Day 47

Here’s Simplicity 6894 again, in the better red than dead edition:

red poplin Simplicity 6894

I really love the IDEA of this particular dress, but the actual instantiation of it is problematic. Mostly because this fabric wrinkles like a Shar-Pei. It took all my weight on the iron to get it as smooth as it is in these photos:
red poplin Simplicity 6894 bodice

The pleats turned out well, though, didn’t they?
red poplin Simplicity 6894 bodice 2

And the side zip?
red poplin Simplicity 6894 side zip

More evidence of the essentially wrinkly nature of this dress:
red poplin Simplicity 6894 back 2

And the back:
red poplin Simplicity 6894 back

I’d like to make this dress over again but I’m thinking I should go more Classic Villager and do it in some teeny tiny prints. I just bought some Japanese Liberty from Jones and Vandermeer (on sale!) that might be a good candidate for this pattern … or maybe in red again, so I can salvage those buttons, but something not so crinkly. Thoughts?


The Hundred Dresses: Day 46

You’ve seen this dress before … it’s Simplicity 6894:
brown roses Simplicity 6894 front

This dress was the trial-run version of this pattern. I believe I altered it to include pockets (which are very hard to see in this busy fabric, but there’s a picture in the link to the previous post) and (of course) adjusted the waist measurement. Also I knew I was going to need practice with these tucks:
brown roses Simplicity 6894 bodice

After making this I got a great tip from readers of this blog: make the tucks in the YARDAGE first, then cut out the pieces (with the tucks folded up on the pattern piece) on top of it. It’s so much easier! (And of course, with that method, you can do tucks on just about any pattern that you like, as long as you allow for dart placement, etc.)
brown roses Simplicity 6894 bodice

This is very old vintage fabric — I believe it was 36 inches wide — and I didn’t like it much to start with (thus its role as trial-run fabric) but it’s really grown on me. I love that dark gray and camel combo. I don’t love so much the sloppy collar points:
brown roses Simplicity 6894 collar

The side zip is okay. (For those of you asking “WHY ALL THE SIDE ZIPS?” I will do a post about that soon.)
brown roses Simplicity 6894 side zip

And … here’s the back.
brown roses Simplicity 6894 back

This dress turned out slightly over-large, but that makes it pretty comfy. (And easier to ride a bike in than it may look.)


And we're back!

Sorry for the long delay in posting … there was this thing, and then this other thing, and then I had to switch to WordPress (which is a thing in and of itself), and then I did a bunch of sewing (watch this space for pictures, coming soon) and well, you know how it is.

The sidebar over there (–>) is still under construction; let me know if there are any links you’re missing. Ditto broken image links … I’ll be re-linking all the pictures to Flickr sometime soon-like.

While I’m getting organized to take more pictures of dresses, here’s a sullen picture of me (taking pictures of myself makes me sullen) in a new version of this dress:

Self-portrait: Erin scowling

The fabric is some Liberty bought yonks ago in the UK. The dress actually makes up really nicely in Liberty, something about the tucks. Putting in a three-inch hem helps it hang well, too.

Anyway: hi! I missed you guys! What’s new with you?