A little bird told me

During my blog-hiatus I did not stop sewing, oh no. I actually tore through quite a few patterns (literally and figuratively, ulp):
Butterick 6820

This is Butterick 6820, and I’ve made at least the bodice of it once before, but was always scared off from making the skirt by the fullness and the patch pockets. But … it’s always best to tackle things you’re scared of head-on (right?) so I took a deep breath and went for it. Here are those tricky pockets (which turned out to be not so bad):

Butterick 6820

This bird fabric is part of the stash I bought in Japan; the red fabric is the same as that bright red dress I made a while back (there was more than enough left over for the facings here). The reds matched so well, I couldn’t resist!

Here’s a closeup of the collar:
Butterick 6820 collar

And I didn’t have a red invisible zipper, or a mustard one, so I went old-school and used a metal zipper. This will probably confound anyone who tries to date this dress at some later point. Sorry, clothing historians!
Butterick 6820 side

That is most definitely not the best zipper I’ve ever put in … I will probably take it out and replace it at some point. It’s also scratchy (as metal zippers are wont to be).

Here’s the rear view:
Butterick 6820 back

This is a fun dress to make and wear, but I’m not sure it will see a lot of use, either as a pattern or in this incarnation … those winged sleeves just don’t work well under a cardigan. Maybe I’ll pull this pattern out again next time I find some bird fabric I love …

10 thoughts on “A little bird told me

  1. If you wear a full slip with the dress you will not notice the metal zipper as much. Slips were a given in the days of metal zippers. 🙂


  2. Its so cute though! Instead of a cardigan I’d just go to Old Navy and get some cheap long sleeve tee’s to layer under it for warmth. Then you wouldn’t be hiding the sleeves!


  3. Very cute! I love the collar. I don’t think I would make those pockets though. I’m sure it looks great on you but I don’t need anything that hip-emphasizing.


  4. We were taught to rub the teeth of a metal zipper with either a bar of soap or with a candle, to lubricate the running of the zipper and to help prevent rust. It may alleviate the scratchiness of the teeth, too — just as children put gobs of wax on pokey bits of their teeth braces to keep from cutting their cheeks and gums.


  5. I love this dress! It’s adorable. I agree about layering it with a long sleeve tee. Really cute look. Fly with it! 😉


  6. This dress is totally cute…you may wish to try one of those j crew tissue tee turtlenecks under it, too, for cooler weather (if the old navy tees don’t work out). I also LOVE the pockets and the full skirt.


  7. Love. This. Dress! Wow! I love the contrast on the sleeves and the pockets, and I love the fun, more relaxed-looking, more “comic sans,” if you will, appearance. Nice work!


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