Running Up A Tab

Butterick 3931

It may be hard to see in this semi-fuzzy picture, but there are little tabs here at the neckline. I am such a sucker for little tabs, which I think I have actually sewn only once.

I think this would be cute sewn up in a silk print, because of the drapey neckline and the panel-y skirt, although maybe it would also work in Liberty cotton (easier to put pockets in the panels in cotton)  … I bought this awesome orange silk a while back and it keeps whispering to me. Or actually, shouting: “Make me … NOW!” It’s getting hard to ignore, and to explain to my family why I’m having calm and reasoned discussions (“You need more attention than I can give you right now, you’ll just have to be patient …”) with pieces of fabric.

The expression on the face of Blue Dress tickles me, too; it’s something like “I’m going to just rest my unfocused eyes somewhere up there until Daisy there stops doing whatever embarrassing thing she’s doing right now.”

10 thoughts on “Running Up A Tab

  1. I CANNOT WAIT to see this in fabric. My mother made so many amazing dresses for me when I was young–right up to my high school graduation dress…why am I not as daring and confident as she was–all my projects are cotton–aprons and pajama bottoms, with an occasional civil war reenacting dress–I am a total chicken, but you inspire me to be better! thank you!


  2. Just what is Daisy doing with her hand?! Oh, Blue Dress, how you suffer…

    I love, LOVE your orange fabric. If it were me, I’d do the tabs and belt in a solid (maybe that blue in the fabric?) but I’m on an experimental color-pop jag right now. And I think with the appropriate interfacing, you could absolutely pocketize the silky print.


  3. Dear Erin,
    I just read your old post “You Don’t Have to Be Pretty” and really loved it; especially the “pretty is not a rent you pay for occupying a space labeled female”. Brilliant!


  4. I really love all your dress stories especially the one where she sits in the bar waiting and then throws a drink in the cheaters face.


  5. kind of looks like print dress just gave blue dress a pat on the rear! I use my turning tool 9 from the doll making world, called, I think, a tube turner) for tabs.


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