Why I Love Gray

I got asked my favorite color the other day and, purely through knee-jerk reaction, I said “green!”

But lately I’ve been mysteriously attracted to gray … like this blue-gray dress from LuciteBox:

LuciteBox Gray Dress

Or this gorgeous dress (from MAKVintage4U on Etsy):

or this shiny utilitarian dress (from NightofJoy Vintage on Etsy):

And of course, gray and collars is an unbeatable pair (this is from littleveggievintage on Etsy):

Gray just goes so well with all the colors I like best … pink, yellow, pale blue, red … even green, and isn’t as harsh as black, I think. Gray spans the elegance continuum so well, doing both casual/utilitarian and dressy/elegant (something that one of my other favorite colors, yellow, just doesn’t do so well).

Of course, it’s not all that auspicious, according to folklore, but I’m willing to ignore all this:

Except for the “matured judgment” part … I’ll accept that!

12 thoughts on “Why I Love Gray

  1. I love grey too. I was looking through my thread box the other day and find I have about 10 different shades of grey bought to match one fabric or another!


  2. I totally agree! As a teen I would only wear shapeless jumpers but they had to be charcoal, not black! I love all shades of grey with the possible exception of marl when it looks too much like loungewear / sweatshirts. It’s the best colour ever!


  3. I wouldn’t be too happy with the “signifies tribulation” part, either! Grey is very easy to wear. And grey thread — light, medium, dark — is the go-to color when you run out of thread and all the shops are closed and you have to finish sewing. Oddly, plain grey is the hardest fabric for me to locate in my local fabric shops — a plain weave, in a middling dark tone, in cool grey, in a natural fiber, has proven completely elusive for the past five years. (I don’t fabric-shop by mail — can’t touch it or smell it ahead of time.) Next hardest to find is plain white anything.


  4. Erin,

    I love you, but I don’t love gray. My mother always said it was “nondescript” and I agree. Very little gray in my wardrobe.

    However, my daughters like it. How on earth did that happen?


  5. Hooray for gray! At last, it’s in style and fewer people are calling my gray items “nondescript” as does commenter BJ’s mom above. 😛 But gray can easily become nondescript; there’s a thin, fine line between a cool, sophisticated gray and a hot foggy mess.


  6. I don’t love gray but I try to always have a few gray separates in my closet for “Oh no, I don’t have anything that goes with this” emergencies.


  7. I’m a huge fan of gray, but mostly because of the fact that it looks so nice with all of the colors I really love – purple, teal, yellow, etc. I’ve found that if I want to buy something in a neutral tone, I get a lot more wear out of it in gray than in black


  8. Gray is WONDERFUL. I got myself a pair of gray shoes a year or so ago and I wear them with everything. It’s my new favorite neutral.


  9. I’m behind on reading blogs–just wanted to add that I love gray with yellow and other bright cheery colors. Thank you for showing off the dress from my website!


  10. I LOVE gray also! I think its such a versatile color. Plus works perfectly when I’m tired of black and brown. I’m having trouble finding shoes. That’s probably my only issue, that and having to dye my hair to cover it.


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