Vogue 9929 is My New Jam

So I posted about this new-to-me pattern a couple weeks ago, and haven’t posted since because I am just too busy making more of them. I’ve made (mumble-mumble, counting on fingers) five? since that first one, and I have another one cut out on the sewing table. Yeah. It’s that kind of dress — so easy to make, and best of all, in the new (shorter) skirt length, it can be made up in just under two yards of fabric, two and a half if it’s 44″ or under. Which means there’s SO MANY pieces of fabric in my stash that were too small for my shirtdress phase that are all jumping up and down shouting “make me! make me!”

Like this one:

New Vogue 9929

This is an old piece of seersucker that I’ve had *forever*. Every couple of years I’d haul it out, thinking “surely there’s enough for THIS project” only to be sadly disappointed — until now.

Likewise this piece of lovely heavy cotton — I think it was bought from the Britex remnant table in a spasm of hope:


Here it is a little closer:

I didn’t do the self-bias trim on this version, since the fabric was so heavy and stiff — this is finished (by machine, even!) with plain ol’ white bias tape.

This dress is great for biking to work; the skirt is easy to pedal in, and being sleeveless, it’s nice and cool on the bike, but I can cover up with a cardigan in the office. And it’s easy to dress down with sneakers, or make fancier with a belt and nicer shoes.

More pictures this week as I wear more of the new versions …


36 thoughts on “Vogue 9929 is My New Jam

  1. I’ve tried all over to find this pattern, or something like it, and failed miserably. Can you possibly help?


  2. love Love LOVE both fabrics – can’t wait to see the rest (and to think that you got to use stash fabric, too)!


  3. That looks so cute on you, and the slightly shorter length of this one is perfect.

    You could even do this is a dressier fabric (like linen or eyelet) and it would go fancier places!


  4. Thanks for the info about the Simplicity pattern. I should be able to get that in the UK so I reckon I’ll go for that – if I get around to making it it’ll be my first dressmaking for nearly 20 years!


  5. I like the real dress better than the pattern, it’s a very flattering cut. And I like the new shorter length. Win, Win, plus… stripes!


  6. […] to do would be to make a very fitted bombshell dress out of it, but I almost want to do another 9929, instead. The only problem would be gathering the fabric — it is REALLY heavy and thick. […]


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