Back! With Dots!

Another 9929

So I made another 9929. I promise I will start putting up more pictures of these dresses — including one in lined black eyelet! I swear it takes me nearly as much time to blog about them as it does to make them — they are just THAT FAST.

Since the 9929 takes so little fabric, I have been having enormous fun rummaging through my stash for fabric that has always been just a little less than adequate for other projects. (Which rummaging means my sewing room looks even more like a still life entitled “Fifteen Minutes After The Bomb Disposal Unit Came Through”.) The pile of fabric waiting to be turned into 9929s is a little scary — who knew I was hoarding so many 2-2.5 yard pieces? Okay, maybe y’all did know.

I’m pretty sure I’ve had this fabric since Methuselah was a pup — does anyone remember when this pattern (I think it’s called Disco Dots) was the rage? I know that, at the height of its popularity, you could have dressed yourself, your house, your baby, and your dog in various colorways and weights of this design. This particular piece is actually terrible — it was subtly off-grain, which I didn’t realize until I was cutting the last piece. So I completely biffed matching the side seams (which — among other reasons — is why you’re not seeing a profile shot).

Accessorized here with red Keds and a red Swatch, but not red glasses — I think that would be maybe a bit too much coordination. Ideally I’d have a baby-blue belt to wear with this, but I haven’t found one I like yet. (Surprise: I’m also really picky about belts.)

Sorry for the dearth of posts — this is how I spent last week. (It was really, really fun.)

12 thoughts on “Back! With Dots!

  1. The dots fabric is perfect for that dress. Your description of your sewing room sounds perfect. BTW, the “camp” sounds more like it was torture than fun. lol


  2. BLERK! I clicked on the link and my eyes crossed. Glad to hear it was fun for somebody, though! The dots are super cute, and oddly enough, I feel like playing twister. With a cute man. Who has a nice smile. And may try to cheat a bit. : )


  3. Boot camp and linguistics aren’t words I usually think of together- did they wake you up in the middle of the night and have everyone do statistics or something?


  4. I swear I had a piece of that in a different color way, laboriously pulled threads to get it cut straight, and discovered that it was printed crooked. I remember my fury but I totally have no idea what I made out of it. It’s just cruel printing geometrics off-grain.


  5. I want to thank you for putting up more pictures of yourself in your dresses. It is difficult for me to picture how vintage patterns look made up and I’m always looking for pictures of modern people wearing these dresses to help me decide what to buy or make. You look fantastic in that dress. I love the fabric.


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