No More Scary Warnings

Dear folks, if you tried to visit this blog in the last 24 hours, you may have been confronted by a giant Google warning saying that this site could harm your computer … unfortunately, Google had flagged my ad server,, as a malware provider. (The only harm iSocket does is to your pocketbook by tempting you with ads from fine vintage patternsellers across the web.)

I’m very sorry for the scare — I will do my best to make sure it doesn’t happen again!

If you are ever curious about the health of a site, you can use Google Safe Browsing to check it out. Here’s the link for Dress A Day.

Here’s a bonus Pattern Story for your trouble:

Vogue 7612

Martha: All she said was, “Hold this, I’ll be right back.”

Bertha: You didn’t ask her where she was going?

Martha: I didn’t want to pry. She was in a hurry.

Bertha: Which direction did she go?

Martha: How should I remember? That was Tuesday!


5 thoughts on “No More Scary Warnings

  1. These little scripts of yours never fail to make my day. : )

    If you’d share how you solved the warning problem, I’d appreciate the info, as I seem to have the same problem, because of my site host (also entirely harmless). Email me privately? Thanks!


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