Today's Pattern Story: Simplicity 3262

Lillian: Your corsage is so … interesting, dear.

Gillian: I know! Isn’t it just to DIE?

Lillian: Well, it’s certainly unique.

Gillian: No, really, it’s to DIE. I believe it’s mutating, and I’m worried the tendrils will shoot up and strangle me. You’re wearing longer gloves, darling, do you think you could snatch it off and throw it into the fire?

Lillian: On three: one … two …

7 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story: Simplicity 3262

  1. Hehe, I’ve made red version (a really easy make and looked great) but balked at the giant flower. Now I know why, because it’s Audrey II in disguise!


  2. OK, that does it. Now I’ve got to follow you. Like I don’t have enough e-mail already *sigh*.

    Cute dress, too, I may need to copy the red one.


  3. I do love the way the old illustrations show the details of construction, unlike the more recent trend to photos (ahem, vogue 8862).


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