A few brief impressions of a new Echino 9929

I finished that Echino 9929 I postulated a while ago. I’m quite pleased with it but I haven’t managed to take a full-on picture yet. Here are a few glimpses for you!

The zipper (notice my lovely, even basting and careful clipping of loose threads from the waist seam — uh, actually, not so much):

love a perfectly matching zipper tape

A fuzzy view of the skirt:

Echino 9929 in progress
Bright pink pockets:
inadvertently Georgia O'Keeffe-y


I’ll see if I can’t post a pic soon, I’m definitely wearing it this week!

10 thoughts on “A few brief impressions of a new Echino 9929

  1. This looks lovely, the fabric is going to be a winner in this design I can tell. But I am the only one who noticed the ahem, feminine qualities, of that last photo? I’m sorry, you won’t be able to put your hands in those pockets now without thinking about it!


  2. Hi Erin, I love your writing and have been reading for quite a while. I’ve decided to start making dresses and thank you for the inspiration. I’ve bought a dress form and the fabulous fit padding system and am discouraged by not being able to get the dang thing like my body!!!!! i’m about to chunk it and but i thought i’d ask for help, first. Do you know of any tutorials to get these puppies to size? i don’t want to ask a buddy to help…it’s too…i need to loose weight and ya know. (maybe you don’t) Any suggestions? Sorry to put this note here, but i didn’t find an email. Thanks.


    • Tiff, (not to hijack this blog post, so I’ll keep it short)
      1–Use your own bra and pad that to look natural.
      2- Wrap your bust, waist and hip around with duc tape, mark center front and add marks at each side seam. Use this tape to wrap around the padded form to be sure you have the right padding depth.
      3–Don’t be afraid to use your own padding, like regular poly padding.
      4–Get a friend to check and help with this, you can’t do it alone and get the right balance.
      5–The photos for this product show a girl with several shapes, and a dress form made to the same shapes. Keep in mind that she was very thin and they padded her as well as the form, you are dealing with a real body.
      good luck!


      • Tiff – bravo for you! – when you are wearing a dress that really fits you right, your beautiful shape will be flattered. Because your shape is worth being perfectly fit. YOU are worth that, and you are beautiful in that shape. Bravo again!


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