The Hundred Dresses: Day 10

Hey! We’re 1/10 of the way there! Don’t worry, there are still many, many dresses to come. Like this one, which is more than a little reminiscent of the Day 1 dress:

Simplicity 1538 in heavy cotton/linen

This is made from Simplicity 1538, which I really liked in the pattern illustration, despite the fembots-on-the-attack arms:


I’m not as happy with it in Real Life, though, and I think it’s my own damn fault for using this super-heavy Marc Jacobs cotton/linen canvas. Wrong fabric choice, despite the wonderful stripes. Here’s the back:

Simplicity 1538 in heavy cotton/linen

(As evidence that this dress would look much better in a lighter fabric, check out this super cute gingham version here on WeSewRetro.)

The back stripes are off JUST ENOUGH to bug me:

Simplicity 1538 in heavy cotton/linen

The side zip didn’t fare so well in the heavier fabric either:
Simplicity 1538 in heavy cotton/linen

And for some reason this pattern is about a inch too long in the bodice, a problem I never have with Simplicity B34 patterns. I might just make it again (but not in this fabric). And speaking of the fabric, using up this great fabric on a “meh” dress bummed me out, but then I found that it’s still on sale at Mood. (It’s a bit expensive, but maybe I can have a second chance!)

And … The Hundred Dresses was officially published yesterday! had a nice piece that makes me hopeful for the Youth of Today.

6 thoughts on “The Hundred Dresses: Day 10

  1. they really should put you in charge of uniform design for all *sorts* of institutions.

    You’d do a lot better than the Virgin Trains red see-through blouse debacle of late. If that isn’t damning with faint praise.

    so what does this fabric want to be instead?


  2. The stripes are amazing – what a pity the fabric wasn’t the appropriate weight. Have you made this again in a lighter weight stripe??


  3. From the photo, the weight of this fabric seems fine. I think the main difference between this dress and the WeSewRetro dress is the crinoline. Just put a crinoline under it, and this dress will come to life! (Yes, that’s my answer to everything – put a crinoline under it!)


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