The Hundred Dresses: Day 12

Today’s dress is a survivor dress. It’s a Simplicity 1577, made in mid-weight dark blue (almost black) denim:

Denim 1577

But wait, you say. Didn’t that Simplicity 1577 pattern have a collar? Why yes, it did:

Denim 1577

And I did a nice Liberty-print undercollar for it, too:

Denim 1577

And the pockets:

Denim 1577

But unfortunately, I didn’t think to use Fray-Check and the collar raveled pretty much immediately. (Moral: always use Fray-Check
on raveling fabrics!) No worries, I just took it off and finished the neck edge with some bias binding.

But that’s not the only reason why this dress is a survivor — it also made it through a bike accident I had in SF last year. Here’s where I landed in the street — my keys were in the pocket and keys+acceleration+denim+tarmac = abrasion damage:

Denim 1577

I was pretty lucky — the driver stopped, I had no injury other than a few scrapes (I was wearing a helmet, of course!) and I even got right back on my bike and rode the four more miles to my meeting. (For the SF-curious, this was in the traffic circle on Townsend … which I walk my bike through now.)

Here’s the back — you’d never guess anything had ever happened, would you?

Denim 1577

I still wear this all the time, even with the little bit of fraying on the skirt panel (and a bit of fraying up near the top of the pocket, although I can’t blame that on the bike accident). It’s nice to be reminded both that 1) you’re tougher than you think and 2) be careful!


7 thoughts on “The Hundred Dresses: Day 12

  1. A dress with a story to learn from! I like that!
    Can you tell me how you use that Fray Check? Never thought of using it on a dress but it sounds like a good trick that I would like to learn more about!


    • Sure! Basically you just dab it all along the edges of any fabric you think might fray; it’s essentially just a lightweight glue.

      Do it in a well-ventilated place, tho, because the fumes are INTENSE.


  2. That’s a beautiful, subtle dress and has truly earned its place in your wardrobe. I still have a pair of pale green and grey houndstooth check crop trousers from 1990 that survived a motorbike accident with me.


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