The Hundred Dresses: Day 59

Another Vogue 8728, this time in bright pink dotted swiss:

pink dotted swiss Vogue 8728

I posted this dress a couple of years ago — I wore it on my 40th birthday. It really is THAT PINK:
pink dotted swiss Vogue 8728 bodice
Here’s the side zip:
pink dotted swiss Vogue 8728 side zip
And the back:
pink dotted swiss Vogue 8728 back 2

I really do love dotted swiss, but I haven’t made up any other dresses in it since this one. (And I have at *least* three other pieces, and maybe five …) I’m thinking maybe that Simplicity pattern from the other day might be a good candidate …

And in The-Hundred-Dresses-the-book news, thanks very much to Jessica at Bed Knobs and Baubles for her very nice review!

6 thoughts on “The Hundred Dresses: Day 59

  1. fake dots? what is the world coming to. is there a difference between dobby dots and swiss dots.

    looks light and comfy.


  2. I love the colour! I think the Simplicity pattern would look great in this – maybe the longest sleeveless style? I have a swing dress in this colour and I get compliments on it all the time 🙂


  3. The sleeve openings go awfully low with this pattern. Does your bra ever show? Or do you pretty much always wear a cardigan over these dresses?


  4. “As a tot, when I trotted in little dotted swisses
    I was kissed by my aunts and my cousins and my sisters.
    Sad to tell it was Hell an inferno worse than Dante’s.
    So my dear, I swore: Never ever more.
    On my list I insisted that kissing must be crossed out.
    Now I find I was blind, and – oh, Baby – how I lost out….
    I could cry salty tears… where have I been all these years…”
    Do you know the intro to “How long has this been going on”?
    (I might’ve got a lot of it wrong – Mr Google isn’t helping, and it’s been a long time since I’ve heard Sarah Vaughan sing it.
    That is my reference for “Dotted Swiss”. Imbued with romance…


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