The Hundred Dresses: Day 59

Another Vogue 8728, this time in bright pink dotted swiss:

pink dotted swiss Vogue 8728

I posted this dress a couple of years ago — I wore it on my 40th birthday. It really is THAT PINK:
pink dotted swiss Vogue 8728 bodice
Here’s the side zip:
pink dotted swiss Vogue 8728 side zip
And the back:
pink dotted swiss Vogue 8728 back 2

I really do love dotted swiss, but I haven’t made up any other dresses in it since this one. (And I have at *least* three other pieces, and maybe five …) I’m thinking maybe that Simplicity pattern from the other day might be a good candidate …

And in The-Hundred-Dresses-the-book news, thanks very much to Jessica at Bed Knobs and Baubles for her very nice review!

6 thoughts on “The Hundred Dresses: Day 59

  1. fake dots? what is the world coming to. is there a difference between dobby dots and swiss dots.

    looks light and comfy.


  2. The sleeve openings go awfully low with this pattern. Does your bra ever show? Or do you pretty much always wear a cardigan over these dresses?


  3. “As a tot, when I trotted in little dotted swisses
    I was kissed by my aunts and my cousins and my sisters.
    Sad to tell it was Hell an inferno worse than Dante’s.
    So my dear, I swore: Never ever more.
    On my list I insisted that kissing must be crossed out.
    Now I find I was blind, and – oh, Baby – how I lost out….
    I could cry salty tears… where have I been all these years…”
    Do you know the intro to “How long has this been going on”?
    (I might’ve got a lot of it wrong – Mr Google isn’t helping, and it’s been a long time since I’ve heard Sarah Vaughan sing it.
    That is my reference for “Dotted Swiss”. Imbued with romance…


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