The Hundred Dresses: Day 42

Happy Bastille Day! Here, have an Eiffel Tower dress:

Eiffel Tower Butterick 7504 front

I really like the scale of this print:

Eiffel Tower Butterick 7504 bodice

I had some blue and white piping that matched perfectly, so I thought: why not?
Eiffel Tower Butterick 7504 sleeve piping

The buttons are from a swap that Mary Beth Klatt put together in Chicago before I moved away:
Eiffel Tower Butterick 7504 collar/buttons

Here’s the zipper, not bad!
Eiffel Tower Butterick 7504 zipper

The pockets obviously needed the same piping as the sleeves, right?
Eiffel Tower Butterick 7504 pocket

And the back view:

Eiffel Tower Butterick 7504 back

This is Butterick 7504, which I was SURE I had posted before, but no dice:

Butterick 7504


I love this illustration, I think of Print Dress and Blue Dress as members of the notorious West Side Wimmin gang, and Gray Dress With Hat is their mouthpiece. I wish I could stand like this normally — hip cocked, head cocked, hand in pocket, fist on hip: a posture that says “I’m ready for a fight!”  if there ever was one. (Of course, if I did stand like this normally, I imagine I would have more neck and back issues than I would like to have, so perhaps it’s better that I’m not always in “spoiling for a fight” stance.)

This is the first time I’ve made this entire pattern — I used the skirt pieces (those pockets are SO NICE) for another dress. (Which will show up in the Hundred Dresses countdown eventually).

10 thoughts on “The Hundred Dresses: Day 42

  1. Que belle robe!

    Beautifully executed, uh, no… beautifully made! no really, it is, I have pun disease.

    I admire this dress greatly, I’m just a teensy bit disappointed that you didn’t have a dress to mark Life, the Universe and Everything, for this point in the countdown. Countup?


  2. I love this dress, and its piping, too, but I especially love reading your thoughts on pattern illustrations! I wouldn’t want to meet any of these women in a dark aisle of the fabric store, or get into a rumble at the remnants bin, for that matter. I’d imagine that stance could disperse the line at the cutting counter in 60 seconds flat…


  3. I love the fabric and the dress. For awhile, I was collecting Eiffel tower prints but I don’t think I have this one. I was going to make a themed quilt but it never happened.


  4. I also collect Eiffel tower prints have this fabric with the matching Fleur de Lys print. I LOVE what you’ve done with yours! I’d never thought to do it as a shirtwaist, but this really works. And the piping and buttons are the perfect finishing touch. One of my faves from the countdown!


  5. […] The bodice is Butterick 6820, but I can’t remember what the skirt was (other than not Butterick 6820). It’s a good skirt, though, so I should figure it out … I think it’s the same skirt as from the Eiffel Tower dress. […]


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