The Hundred Dresses: Day 43

This is another Simplicity 5723 (I posted it earlier, with terrible pictures):

Despite really liking 1) this pattern and 2) green denim I’ve been a bit “meh” on this dress. Although one of the things I like about sewing with denim is how it whitens at the edges with wear:

green denim Simplicity 5723 neck view

Here’s the zip, which is really not good. I should re-do it, but I’d have to redo the seam on the other side to get the ease to fix it, and … well, it hasn’t made the top of the to-do list yet. (It hasn’t actually gotten ON the to-do list yet.)

Simplicity green denim 5723 side zipper

My favorite part of this dress is the camouflage pocket linings:

Simplicity 5723 camo pockets

I was going to make camo bias tape for the sleeve finishing as well, but, um, I didn’t.

green denim Simplicity 5723 sleeve finishing

Here’s the back view, which, in line with the rest of the kind of lick-and-a-promise I gave this dress, didn’t get settled on the dress form properly.

green denim Simplicity 5723 back view

I can’t believe we’re this far into the the hundred dresses posts … getting close to halfway! And thanks to you all, The Hundred Dresses book is doing nicely, too — some very kind reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

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