The Hundred Dresses: Day 60

Another Vogue 8728 — you’ve seen this one before, too. I do so love a broken plaid:

broken plaid Vogue 8728

I only wish I had this fabric with the dark/light sections reversed. That would be even better.

broken plaid Vogue 8728 bodice

I’m particularly fond of this stony gray.

broken plaid Vogue 8728 side zip

The placement of the blank bits on the back was accidental but I like how they balance each other out …

broken plaid Vogue 8728 back

I vaguely remember that I made this dress for a traveling occasion (not sure which one) and ended up hemming it in a hotel room (maybe?). In any case, I’m going to use that dim recollection as an excuse to post my traveling sewing kit:

Sewing Kit #5 (complete kit)

This is the one I toss in my suitcase when I’m traveling. I was going to tell you how big it is but you can see the seam gauge ruler right there. Here it is outside the bag:

Sewing Kit #1

The Sharpie is for, well, Sharpie-ing, and the dental floss is really handy for sewing on coat buttons that inconveniently pop off. I used to carry buttonhole twist but I hated carrying a whole spool and I usually had the wrong color, anyway. (The Sharpie comes in handy for coloring the dental floss that’s visible once you’ve sewn on the button.) Here are the little Altoid tins opened: safety pins, random button assortment for close-enough matches, and a little bit of fusible tape … just in case.

Sewing Kit #3 (the tins)

And of course the pins and needles:

Sewing Kit #4 (the pins)

Do you have a portable sewing kit? What’s in it?

11 thoughts on “The Hundred Dresses: Day 60

  1. I do have a traveling sewing kit very similar to yours. My pins and needles are in an Altoid tin as well. I just cut a piece of cotton fleece to size and it stays in there very nicely. Thread is on plastic bobbins in a small, snack-size plastic bag. And my scissors are nippers, since all I intend to do with them is clip threads. Nice to know someone else likes to be over prepared!


  2. The sewing kit is adorable, but I have a question about the 8728 pattern (which I’m not at all sick of by the way, bring ’em on). I really like patterns where the bodice just sort of extends out to form a sleeve, but I sometimes dislike how low the bottom of the armscye ends up. So my question is (forgive the impudent wording): when you wear you dress sans cardigan and lift your arm up does your bra peek out? And for bonus credit: do you know how to adjust this without losing sleeve circumference? Thanks!!


  3. I am really impressed with your sewing kit. You could practically make a dress with that one.
    Like beate, I rarely remember to take one and I rarely have needed one.


  4. My sewing kit has all the things yours does plus a few knitting accessories………………………. in a wonderful handmade blackbird (with felt under one wing for pins)


  5. morning has broken – well hours ago, but you get those sorts of days

    When you say travelling, with that lot, presumably you mean ‘not by plane’ or ‘in the hold’? I wouldn’t have thought security would let you move with such dangerous items otherwise.


  6. Gosh, my travel stash looks fairly similar. You would appreciate that once I actually put my kit to use: after scoring a good length of Liberty Tana Lawn (on sale!) many years ago while in London, I sat down and hand sewed a gathered skirt to wear for the rest of my travels. The only cut I made was for the waistband, and I overlapped the side opening since I didn’t have a zipper. It was fun to make and lovely to wear for the rest of my trip.


  7. Yes – a friend of mine made me a drawstring pincushion bag, just like the one here:

    So I have my pins stuck in the pincushion, a few spools of thread, folding scissors, Thread Heaven, and a scrap of fabric with a bunch of hand sewing needles stuck in it. There’s also a small hotel sewing kit that I threw in there, and it has 4 or 5 colors of thread, a needle, and a shirt button.

    I carry it not so much to do repairs, but to do small hand sewing projects while I’m traveling. I went through a felt food phase, and felt food is really fun to make.

    I love your needle book! I’ve been meaning to make a needle book.


  8. That dress loves that fabric!!
    Making a traveling sewing kit for myself and some for friends has been on my to do list for about 20 years…


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