The Hundred Dresses: Day 61

I *think* this is the last Vogue 8728 — I went and dug it out of the “winter dresses” storage container in the garage, although really, in San Francisco you can pretty much wear your winter clothes on any random day in July. My east coast habits will die hard, though, and I’ll pull out that bin of corduroy and wool just when we hit that string of lovely 70+F days in late September and early October. (Someday I’ll learn …)

Speaking of wool, this is Liberty Jubilee, which is one of my favorite fabrics in the world. Jubilee is not the pattern name; it’s the name of their wool/cotton mix. It’s lightweight, warm, and wrinkle-free. (This was not-so-gently placed in the aforementioned storage bin and I was able to photograph it without pressing it.) I don’t think they make it anymore, which is a shame. (There’s also the Burwood Liberty fabric, which is wool/silk … I have a piece but I haven’t made anything with it yet.)

Liberty Jubilee Vogue 8728 front

Here’s the bodice:
Liberty Jubilee Vogue 8728 bodice

And the side zip & pocket:
Liberty Jubilee Vogue 8728 side zip and pocket

And the back:
Liberty Jubilee Vogue 8728 back 2


Wow, the days are going by really quickly. I can’t believe that we’ll be done in a little over a month!

12 thoughts on “The Hundred Dresses: Day 61

    • Heh, I throw them in the washer! On ‘delicate’, but still.

      I prewash all my fabric in the washing machine, so it’s fairly safe.


  1. Hi Erin! I’ve been reading your blog eagerly for about a month—-> oh so enjoying everything about it, especially your make-me-smile-and-chortle way with wordage. Salut! I’ve made up words/phrases all my life, for better and for worse, and am thrilled to encounter a sister-in-crime. Several sewing questions for you later, not now, because I’ve just moved, and am currently dealing with a nasty case of what-box-did-I-pack-the-fly-swatter-in. So, later Erin. And salut again! So glad to have found you. Nanette


  2. Erin, have you tried Lantana? it’s 80% cotton 20% wool, it’s lovely and soft and comes in some fab prints, I’ve just succumbed to some Hera print. I handwash my Lantana.


  3. Have you tried Viyella wool/cotton mix? I’ve seen it in both yardage and clothing. I made a blouse from it in 198? and it is still lovely.


  4. Having been addicted to Liberty since my teens(which was a long time ago).I worked round the corner from the Regent Street store, you
    can guess where I spent my lunch hours. I think the name of this fabric
    is Victoria. Have enjoyed your blog for a couple of months, it’s
    lovely to discover there are other addicts out there. Looking forward
    to the remaining Dresses!


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